10th place for Koddac & Chandler Meadows

10th place for Koddac & Chandler Meadows

@Kentucky Spring Horse Show



Behind the scenes with Dy’on!

Watch the behind the scene video of Tal Milstein Stables in cooperation with Dy’on. #talmilsteinstables #dyon #photoshoot

3rd place for Love Scendix

Another fantastic round for Sheer Levitin and reference LOVE SCENDIX in the Medium A/O Jumper class at Spring 4 in Wellington.

Winner DIVA Z!

Reference DIVA Z and Sophia Ahearn take the victory in the Medium A/O Jumper class at Spring 4 in Wellington. Two days before this great team placed already 5th in the 1.30m A/O class. Well done!

Winner Jill van Wesel and Reference Nic Nac!

Our client Jill van Wesel and reference Nic Nac van het Bremenhof take home the victory in last Sunday’s 1.25m final. Congratulation!

Reference Diamant Rose Z

Diamant Rose Z and Santiago Lambre with a nice round in the 1.40m class during ESP Spring II in Wellington. Photo: Sportfot

Just Nice vh Indihof doing great!

Reference Just Nice vh Indihof and Juan Jose Zendejas with a super round in last weekends CSI4* 1.55m class at Monterrey, La Silla to finish in 9th place. Photo: anwarewsquivel

1st & 2nd place!

In yesterdays High A/O 1.40m class, two of our references shine on the top! Nespresso van’t Laekhof and Natalie Dean take home the victory. Vox Dei and Daniel Miron right behind with the second place. Congratulations!

Koddac van het Indihof and his new rider Chandler Meadows

Koddac and his rider Chandler Meadows doing fantastic and collected already some ribbons. We are excited to see more of this great team!

Reference Love Scendix 3rd!

Love Scendix and Sheer Levitin with a 3rd place finish in todays Mediums!