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    To weekend for HANDY VAN HD @ Berlin

    CLEAR AGAIN for HANDY VAN HD and she is on the podium today with a 3rd place in 145 5* GCT Berlin with Marlon Módolo Zanotelli ! She was also 4th in yesterday 145 !

    Reference QUEL HOMME DE HUS @ Aachen

    CONGRATULATIONS to Jérôme Guéry and our reference QUEL HOMME DE HUS for their 6th place in today CHIO Aachen Grand Prix

    Reference CETANO Winner at Tryon !

    Santiago Lambre (MEX) and our reference CETANO VAN ASPERGEM Z were unbeatable in today $36,000 CSI 3* class at Tryon International Equestrian Center !


    WE HAVE A WINNER ! Super HANDY VAN HD won the 1.45m in @jumping_bonheiden with @marlonzanotelli 🚀

    HANDY VAN HD 5th in Monte Carlo !

    HANDY VAN HD takes a very nice 5th place in yesterday 145 class at Longines Global Champions Tour MONTE CARLO with Marlon Módolo Zanotelli ! Well done !

    Reference J’ADORE VH KLINKHOF is doing great !

    Reference J’ADORE VH KLINKHOF is doing great under the saddle of Rodrigo Lambre at Spruce Meadow ! (photo : sportfot)

    Our stallion LUIGI D’ECLIPSE also ranked during CSIO St Gallen

    what a weekend for the 8 year-old stallion by Catoki with Marlon Zanotelli ! Clear all days and two 7th place in the Youngster Cup !

    Top weekend for KODDAC VH INDIHOF !

    what a weekend for the horses with a win and a 4th place in both 150 classes during St Gallen , together with Marlon Zanotelli !

    3rd place for HANDY VAN HD at LGCT Shanghai

    3rd place fro the mare with Marlon Zanotelli in 150 class during LGCT Shanghai !

    The Ten Belgian Edition is a wrap !

    The Ten Belgian Edition is a wrap ! With a new Top Price record of 690.000 euros and a total of 2 505 000 euros, excellence and quality were undoubtedly the definition of this event . A fantastic evening full of emotion, glamour, entertainment and amazing bids. Our collection has...

    Stallion Show at Tal Milstein stables!

    Beautiful sunny day at @Tal Milstein Stables for annual Tal Milstein Stallions show ! Thank you to all the team, breeders , visitors and sponsors!

    Good results at 3* Bonheiden for HANDY

    Rankings for HANDY VAN HD with Marlon Zanotelli! 2nd and 5th in the 3*!

    Shooting day for The Ten horses!

    Belgian edition is now coming very soon and the horses selection is done! The collection will be son revealed on

    CUMBELA again!

    Unstoppable CUMBELA in 140 classes , several clear and a 3rd place with Dayro Arroyave!

    DIAMOND Z in great shape at Oliva

    The tall and beautiful stallion by Diamant de Semilly realizes several clear in 140 classes this week under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave.

    HANDY VAN HD in top form!

    the chestnut mare took a very good 4th place in the 145 LR Grand Prix on Sunday classes with Dayro!

    CUMBELA 2nd at Oliva!

    Nice round and a 2nd place for CUMBELA and Dayro Arroyave during 140 class at Oliva!

    ICARUS brilliant at 5* Treffen!

    What a weekend for the 11yo stallion with Marlon! Clear in first day in 145 class and 2nd place in the 1.60 Grand Prix !

    5* Amsterdam

    Good weekend for HANDY VAN HD and CENZO, clear and ranked in 145 classes with Dayro! video : Handy 4th place

    ICARUS Winner GP Sentower!

    ICARUS and Marlon win the 2* 145 Grand Prix today in 2* Opglabbeek!

    Good start 2019 opening season !

    Many clear rounds and rankings for our horses at 2* Opglabbeek! DECCO 3rd in 140, new incomer KLARA F all days clear, GRACE P all days clear, Icarus 3rd in 145 LR, ISABEAU 2nd in two classes and many more..

    ALICANTE 5th in 150 CSIW5* Mechelen!

    Nice double clear for ALICANTE with a 5th place under the saddle of Dayro!

    EMIR DE VY in Sires of the World!

    Good perf for this son of Calvaro Z with a double clear in Sires of the World in Mechelen! They take the 8th place with Chloe Vranken!

    Visit us at Mechelen!

    Tal Milstein Stallions team is present at Jumping Mechelen! Come to visit us on our both!

    Luigi d’Eclipse is back on track

    He is back on track and he is in super form! Our 7yo approved stallion is ready for Mechelen!

    Nice weekend at 2* Lier

    Several clear for 5yo mare HATHINA Z, 8yo KODDAC VAN HET INDIHOF and 7yo LUIGI d’ECLIPSE!

    GRACE P and Dayro in top form at YH1* Opglabbeek

    Good perf with clear in first day and 2nd place in second day in the 7yo classes for the bay mare!

    Good start at 2* Achterhoek

    Nice beginning of show at 2* Achterhoek with several ranking for Dayro Arroyave with CUMBELA in 140, new incomer KODDAS VH INDIHOF in 135 and HANDY VAN HF in 145 class with a 4th place!

    ICEMAN DE MUZE 9th in 155 GP

    Good perf for stallion ICEMAN DE MUZE with a 9th place in 155 GP 3* Sentower under the saddle of Dayro!

    Good weekend again for TMS horses!

    Many clears at 3* Sentower this weekend for our riders Chloe Vranken and Dayro Arroyave in 140 and 145 classes!

    ALICANTE 5th GP 160 4* Liege

    Fantastic round (and a small fault in the jump off!) for our stallion ALICANTE in the 160 GP! They take the 5th place!

    TMS horses at 4* Liège

    Super weekend for TMS horses with several podiums and rankings for CROUPIER V, ISABEAU DE LAUBRY, ALICANTE, GYLORD CARTHAGO , ICARUS and QUILIMBO.

    Marlon and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY again!

    What a weekend for the 10 years old mare with several rankings in 145 classes under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli at Jumping de Liege!

    Super weekend for GYLORD CARTHAGO !

    With a clear the first day, a win the second day and a 9th place during the 7yo final, GYLORD CARTHAGO BH did a very good sport weekend!

    ICARUS Winner 145 GP Lier!

    ICARUS (approved stallion) did a super weekend at Lier with a 3rd place in 140 class and a victory in the 2* GP under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli!

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY on the top!

    What a weekend for ISABEAU! 6th in 145 LR class and Winner in 140 class at 2* Lier!

    Another great sport weekend @ Lier!

    Succession of clear rounds and rankings for our TMS horses this weekend in Lier 2*! Clear for QUILIMBO in 130, clear for HANDY VAN HD in 140, 7th place for ALICANTE in 140 and podiums for ICARUS and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY! (Video : Alicante 7th 140)

    EMIR DE VY ranked in GP 2*

    Good perf for the stallion with a 8th place in GP 145 with Chloe Vranken!

    Good start at 2* Opglabbeek

    First day show full of clear with a 8th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE , clear for EMIR DE VY, CENZO in 140 class, 6th place for GRACE P in 7yo, clear for DECCO in 130 and new incomer HATHINA Z clear in 5yo! Video: iceman de muze

    QUILIMBO brilliant at 3* Moorsele

    Ranking again for QUILIMBO with also a great victory in 1345 LR class at 3* Moorsele with Dayro Arroyave!

    ALICANTE and Dayro in top form!

    Alicante and Dayro did a very good clear in 155 5* Waregem this weekend!

    Top weekend at 5* Waregem

    Very good weekend for Grace P (Winner and 3td place in 7yo Waregem), several clear and 6th place for HANDY VAN HD and 6th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE in 145 5* class with Dayro Arroyave!

    CUMBELA 7th in 150 GP

    Good job for Dayro and CUMBELA in 150 3* Bonheiden with a nice 7th place!

    Podiums at 3* Bonheiden

    Already several podiums and rankings at 3* Bonheiden for Dayro and our horses! Victory for HANDY HD and CUMBELA in 140 class and GP qualifier, 3rd place for CUMBELA in 140 class and 12th lace for HANDY VAN HD in 145 class!

    What a day at Lanaken!

    TMS horses were brilliant in Sires of the World international class! 3rd place for ICARUS with Marlon Zanotelli, 6th place for ALICANTE and 8th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave! Well done team!

    Sires of the World Lanaken!

    First day full of clear rounds with a 2nd place for ALICANTE, 6th place for QUILIMBO, 12th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE and a beautiful round from DIAMOND Z!

    2nd place for ISABEAU @ GCT Roma!

    Very goof perf again with a 2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Modolo at Longines Global Champions Tour Rome in 145 class!

    3rd place for CUMBELA

    And again a podium for CUMBELA and Dayro this weekend in 140 c lass 3* Moorsele!

    CUMBELA winner 140 class at 3* Lier

    First show together and already a victory for CUMBELA and Dayro Arroyave in 140 3* Azelhof !

    EMIR DE VY clear in 150 LR @ Zandhoven

    Very proud of our 8 years old stallion EMIR DE VY who did an amazing round in 150 LR Class at 3* Zandhoven with Chloe Vranken!

    Our horses in top form @ Zandhoven 3*

    So many clear and already rankings for our horses with a beautiful victory for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY (under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli) in 140 class! ICEMAN DE MUZE and DIAMOND Z clear in 145 LR class, QUILIMBO and MADAGASCAR clear in 140 class, 6 years old MARQUIS LE BEAU...

    Good weekend for our horses in Sentower!

    Our 7 years old DALTON DI AREZZO Z , GRACE P and BOHEME DU MARAIS did a very good job under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave in 1* Classes ! All clear in all classes! Grace P ends with a 4th place in 135 GP and Dalton with a 9th...

    the 7 yo in top form!

    DALTON DI AREZZO , GRACE P and BOHEME DU MARAIS all clear first day and second day at 1* Opglabbeek with Dayro! (Video Dalton)

    Good start for Dayro and ICEMAN in Sentower!

    New comer ICEMAN DE MUZE and Dayro are clear in first day show at Sentower 3* in 140 class!

    FELLINI S in top form with Erynn Ballard

    FELLINI S and Erynn L Ballard again double clear yesterday in the 1,40m finishing with a 4th place at Great lakes Festival Michigan!

    Amazing victory for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE !

    Fantastic come back for LUIGI who didn’t touched a fence of the weekend and wins the final of 7 years old in Beervelde, under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave!

    MADAGASCAR and CENZO placed in Beervelde 3*

    Good start for both horses under the saddle of Chloe Vranken! A 11th place for MADAGASCAR LS in 135 and 7th place for CENZO in 145 accumulator!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE back on track!

    For their first show together , Luigi d’Eclipse and Dayro Arroyave sign a double clear in day one 7 yo class! A very good start for the stallion after his covering season!

    GLASGOW DE MUZE winner at Kentucky Hosre Park

    The 12 years old gelding took the win this weekend in the 50,000$ Grand prix under the saddle of Jimmy Torano!


    3rd step of the podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Zanotelli at CSIO Hickstead in 150 class!

    ICARUS clear in 140 at Opglabbeek

    Very goor round for the stallion ICARUS with Marlon Zanotelli in 140 2* Opglabbeek!

    First Nations Cup for DIESEL GP

    Amazing clear round for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME in Falsterbo Nations Cup with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    6th place for ALICANTE in 150 3*

    What a weekend for Alicante with Piergiorgio Bucci ; they take the 6th place of the 150 class at Knokke Hippique!

    ALICANTE clear in 145 3* Knokke

    Clear round also for ALICANTE ! The grey stallion stills doing good under the saddle of Piergiorgio Bucci!

    GYLORD 7th @ Knokke Hippique!

    The 7 years old by Mylord Carthago signs a beautiful clear in CSI1* at Knokke with a 7th place!

    Amazing weekend for CUMBELA!

    After a beautiful clear in 145 class at Bonheiden , CUMBELA takes the win in the 150 3* Grand Prix with Maureen Bonder ! What a team !

    EMIR DE VY clear in 145 class

    Top round for the stallion in 145 class at 3* Bonheiden with Chloe Vranken!

    Great win for GYLORD CARTHAGO in 7 yo class!

    GYLORD CARTHAGO (by Mylord Carthago) just won the 7 yo class today at Hippisch Centrum C&M Bonheiden with Vincent Lambrecht !

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME ranked in GP Estoril!

    Beautiful double clear for DIESEL GP and Piergiorgio Bucci in 155 GP of GCT Estoril last weekend! The stallion is in really good form!

    Victory again for ISABEAU !

    And the winner is… ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli at Glock Horse Performance Center in 150 5* class this weekend ! Good job !

    ICARUS 7th in 155 speed class @ GCT St Tropez

    What a double clear for ICARUS in 155 speed class at Global Champions Tour St Tropez under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli!

    CUMBELA clear in 150 @ Baltica Tour

    Very good first 150 round for Cumbela with Maureen Bonder during Baltica Tour!

    2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Amazing round to the 2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in the 150 Speed Class under the saddle of Marlon Módolo Zanotelli at 3* Norten-Hardenberg!

    Casallo Z back on tracks!

    Casallo Z is back and he is it super form! Check out his clear rounds in Valkenswaard 2* i 145 classes with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    Our stallions in top form!

    Very good perf for CASALLO Z, CASAGO and ALICANTE at Valkenswaard 2*! All clear and also a beautiful 5th place in the 7 years old final for CASAGO!

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY clear in Valkenswaard

    Marlon Modolo did a great round with ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in yesterday’s 145 Big Tour at Tops International Arena Valkenswaard 2*!

    Beautiful perf for DIESEL!

    What an amazing round for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME and Piergiorgio Bucci with a 6th place in today’s Grand Prix 1m60 Longines Global Champions Tour of Hamburg!

    Good weekend for CENZO

    After a clear round in 145 class, good End of a sports weekend with a 10th place for CENZO who signs a beautiful clear under the saddle of Chloé Vranken in today 155 Grand Prix 3* during Pferdefestival Redefin!

    Podium again for ICARUS!

    After their victory 2 weeks ago in Opglabbeek Grand Prix, only a few tenths of a second behind the first step of the podium for ICARUS and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli! They sign today a beautiful 2nd place in the 150 Grand Prix 3* in Zilveren Spoor! Well done!

    Beautiful 2nd place for DIAMOND Z!

    The stallion signs a very nice 2nd place in 145 class in Moorsele with May Bluman!


    Podium for JUPITER VG with a superb 2nd place in the 3* 155 Grand Prix at Jumping International de Maubeuge, under the saddle of Jérôme Guéry!

    CATOKI’S SON 5th in Big class 150 at NY Masters

    CATOKI’S SON (by CATOKI) takes a super 3rd place in 150 class during 5* Longines Masters of NEW YORK under the saddle of Erynn Ballard!

    CUMBELA clear again!

    Clear again for CUMBELA in top shape under the saddle of Maureen Bonder in 140 class at Concours Hippique Mierlo!

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME 6th in 155 @ Shanghai

    Beautiful round for DIESEL in 155 class in LGCT shanghai with Piergiorgio Bucci with a 6th place!


    ICARUS and Marlon Modolo winner in today’s GRAND PRIX 2* at Sentower Park!

    ALICANTE in top form @ GCT Miami!

    Beautiful round and a 5th place for our stallion ALICANTE during Global Champions Tour Miami with Piergiorgio Bucci!


    Grand Prix winner AGAIN for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in 2* Grand Prix 145 of PEELBERGEN under the saddle of Marlon Modolo! 2 weeks ago, the couple took the victory in Bonheiden GP!

    CARIBI on the top!

    One more time for CARIBI at TOSCANA TOUR with Maureen Bonder! The 8 years old mare signs a 5th place in today 130 Silver class!

    Stallion Show at Tal Milstein Stables

    Successful day at our stables for the annual Stallion Show! Discover all our approved sport stallions on our stallions website

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY Grand Prix Winner Bonheiden

    Marlon Zanotelli and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY take the win in 2* Grand Prix of Bonheiden!

    All clear for ALICANTE at GCT Mexico!

    Very good weekend for the stallion during Global Champions Tour of Mexico! 7th in 145 class, 11th in 150 class and 10th in 155 Big class the last day!

    Very good weekend for our horses in Bonheiden!

    Hades VDS and Icarus did good performances with Marlon Zanotelli in 2* Bonheiden!

    DIAMOND Z flying over the Big Tour 150 in Sunshine Tour

    DIAMOND Z is improving every days! the 9 years old stallion did a very good week in Sunshine Tour under the saddle of Mark Bluman finishing by a beautiful clear in 150!

    Podium for DIAMOND Z!

    At Vejer de la frontera, DIAMOND Z takes the 2nd place of the Medium Tour!

    JUPITER VG 6th in 1m55 at Saut Hermes!

    very nice 6th place for JUPITER VG in Accumulator 155 class during Saut Hermes!

    Nice ride for EL DORADO in 150 LR

    EL DORADO (Indorado x Heartbreaker) did a very nice round in 150 class with Marlon Zanotelli!

    Good job for HANDY VAN HD

    Handy did several clear and ranking at WEF last days with Eryn Ballard! Have a look on the videos : HANDY 145 WEF

    4th place for CEITASI!

    At WEF, Ceitasi takes a beautiful 4th place in 140 class with Eryn Ballard!

    ALICANTE did good at Vilamoura

    The stallion made several clear rounds in 135 and 140 classes! Good start for the outdoor season!

    4th place in Sunshine Grand Prix for JUPITER VG

    Beautiful double clear and a 4th place for the 9 years old stallion with Jerome Guery!

    Clear week for our rider Chloé Vranken!

    Very good week in Oliva for our horses under the saddle of Chloe Vranken! Several clear rounds in 140 classes with ELTON JONES, IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT, EMIR DE VY (8th in 135), GAMKO S (9th in 145), GYLORD CARTHAGO,.. All video on our Youtube Page!

    5th place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in Oliva Grand Prix

    Beautiful round and 5th place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in 145 GP 2* in Oliva with Marlon Zanotelli

    GAMKO S in top form @ Oliva!

    Under the saddle of our rider Chloe Vranken, GAMKO did super results during this second week in Oliva, in 140 classes and GP 145

    JUPITER VG @ Sunshine Tour

    Nice results for JUPITER VG in 140 classes during 2* in Sunshine tour with Jerome Guery!

    Marlon Zanotelli 2nd with ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Great 2nd place for ISABEAU and Marlon during 145 big class @ Oliva Met II!

    Two victories for ESMEE!

    @ The Ridge of Welligton Turf Tour, ESMEE did an amazing show weekend with 2 victories in 135 classes and GP 135 under the saddle of Daniel Bluman!

    Super weekend for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT

    Under the saddle of Chloe Vranken, IRONMAN signs 3 clear rounds in 135, 140 and GP 140 during Oliva MET II!

    GYLORD CARTHAGO double clear in two days show!

    Also very good perf for this son of Mylord Carthago in the 7 years old class with double clear rounds under the saddle of our rider Chloe Vranken!

    HADESH opens the weekend @ Oliva!

    Nice clear for HADESH in the 6 years old class with Chloe Vranken in this very first day competition @ Oliva Mediterranean Equestrian Tour!

    Alicante @ 2* Opglabbeek

    Good perf for the stallion with several clear rounds in 140 and 145 class with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    Amazing round for ALICANTE @ CSI5W Leipzig

    A very good start for ALICANTE under the saddle of his new rider Piergiorgio Bucci, in their first 5* show together.

    World Number 3 McLain Ward with Handy Van HD

    McLain Ward and HANDY VAN HD clear in 140 class @ WEF Winter Equestrian Festival!

    CENZO in top form @ Dracthen 3*

    Very nice rounds for CENZO under the saddle of Angelica Augustsson during 3* drachten! They are clear in 140 and 145 classes with ranking!

    Tal Milstein Stables team wishes you a very happy New Year!


    Faldo 7th in 7 years old Finale!

    Very good 7th place for this son of Alicante x Sydney during the 7 years old finale with Vicky Van De Poel!

    Top results for our young stallions

    CASAGO and LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z take the 5th and 8th place of the 6 years old finale during CSIW Mechelen under the saddles of Piergiorgio Bucci and Niels Bruynseels!

    10th place for JUPITER VG in Sires class

    A nice 10th place for JUPITER VG (approved stallion) during the Sires class at CSIW 5* Mechelen with Jerome Guery!

    Good perf for ELTON JONES @ Lier 2*

    Winner in GP qualifier and clear in GP 2* with Chloe Vranken, ELTON JONES did a nice weekend at Azelhof!

    2nd place for EL DORADO with Marlon Zanotelli

    Podium and a second place for EL DORADO (Indorado x Heartbreaker) under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli in 140 class

    Top weekend for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z

    A great weekend for LUIGI (Catoki x Calato) with Niels Bruynseels at CSIYH1* Lier! The young stallions did a clear weekend in the 6 years old classes!

    JUPITER VG Ranked in 1m50 @ CHI Geneva

    What a great round for JUPITER VG (Pommeau du Heup x Heartbreaker) @CHI de Genève in a 1m50 Two Phases with Jérôme Guéry! The couple signs a 12th place

    DIESEL clear @ CHI Geneva

    An 11th place for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME (Cassius x Heartbreaker) and Piergiorgio Bucci – Rider @ CHI de Genève in 145! Watch this nice round!

    New stories, New beginnings, New website!

    Discover the new TMS Universe!

    Nice ride in 140 2* Lier for CUMBELA

    This weekend @ CSI2* Lier, CUMBELA (Cancoon x Landprinz) was clear in 130 class on the first day show and in a 140 class yesterday with Maureen Bonder (video)! Watch this round!

    FAYENKA SITTE clear in 125 Opglabbeek

    FAYENKA SITTE (6 years old by Tinka’s Boy x Lord Z) did a nice round with Miranda Harrington @ Sentower Park in 125 class !

    Gregory Whateley and IRONMAN made a good start!

    For their first show together at Peelbergen show 2*, the new couple made two clear in 140 classes!

    Podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Maureen Bonder at CSIW3* Lezno! They take the 2nd place of the 145 Ranking Class!

    Good perf again for BELORA DE WALYRO

    Top clear round for BELORA DE WALYRO with Chloé Vranken @ 3* Jumping de Liège – Page officielle! The 8 years old mare by Eurocommerce Berlin did a very good perf in the 145 class yesterday!

    IRONMAN clear in 140 3* Liege

    Nice ride for Chloé Vranken with IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT! Clear in the 140 class @ Jumping de Liège – Page officielle 3*!

    Top weekend for CENZO with Gerco Schroder

    Super weekend for CENZO (Harley VDL x Cavalier) @ 3* Saint Lo under the saddle of Gerco Schröder! Clear in 140 class and 8th in 145 class!

    ALICANTE in top form @ 2* Sentower 145

    Nice ride for ALICANTE and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli @ Sentower Park 2* 145 Ranking class!

    CETANO VAN ASPERGEM 6th @ 3* Montpellier

    Amazing round with a 6th place for CETANO VAN ASPERGEM (8 years old by Clinton x Ahorn z) and Romain Duguet @ Jumping International Montpellier Occitanie 150 class!

    Good first training for BELORA DE WALYRO

    Another clear during the training day @ Sentower Park with the 8 years old mare BELORA DE WALYRO (Eurocommerce Berlin x Aledo) under the saddle of Chloé Vranken in 125 class!

    Good training day for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT

    Training day @ Sentower Park for our rider Chloé Vranken! IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT did a super round in the 135 class

    Podium for JUPITER VG @ 160 GP Rabat!

    Amazing performance again for JUPITER VG! The promising 8 years old Stallion, winner of the SIRES OF THE WORLD last month (Pommeau du Heup x HeartBreaker) signs a beautiful 3rd place in the 3* GP 160 Morocco Royal Tour Rabat under the saddle of Jérôme Guéry!

    ELTON JONES clear in GP 145 Opglabbeek

    Top show weekend also for ELTON JONES and chloe Vranken! Clear in 145 Ranking class and GP 145!

    7th place for IRISH KISS

    Beautiful 7th place for IRISH KISS 111 and Alberto Michan @ Tryon International Equestrian Center. The 9 years old mare by Chatman x ChinChin made a nice double clear in 135 class!

    IRONMAN did a super show weekend!

    Weekend with all clear rounds for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT with Chloe Vranken @ CSI2* opglabbeek! Video Day 1  and Video day 2  

    CUMBELA takes a 7th place in Asten GP!

    Good job with a nice clear round for CUMBELA and Maureen Bonder at Asten Show!

    CENZO clear in 2* Salland in Longines Ranking class

    CENZO did also a good job @ CSI Salland in the 2* Big Tour 145 LR with Gerco Schröder! A 12th place for the couple.

    7th place for JUPITER @ Tétouan

    After his great win @ Lanaken Sires of the World 2 weeks ago, JUPITER VG (Pommeau du Heup x HeartBreaker) is in top form @ Morocco Royal Tour 3* TETOUAN! A nice 7th place with Jérôme Guéry!

    COLORE in top form

    The 10 years old gelding COLORE did a super show weekend @ CSI1* salland, with a 9th place in the 130 Big Tour and a 2nd place in the 1* GP, under the saddle of Maureen Bonder.

    Top show weekend for FALDO

    The 7 years old stallion by ALICANTE takes two 2nd places at CSIYH1* Lier this weekend!

    HADESH clear in 5 YO Lanaken

    Good perf with a clear round for HADESH in World Championships Lanaken

    GIGOLO VAN DE BROEKKANT @ Central Park Horse Show

    GIGOLO VAN DE BROEKKANT and Alberto Michan jumped clear in the 145 class @ Central Park Horse Show 3*. They finished 6th! Good job!


    Associated to Jérôme Guéry, the 8 years old stallion by Pommeau du Heup takes the victory of the SIRES OF THE WORLD! Last year with our stallion ALICANTE, this is the second consecutive win for the Belgian rider! Congratulations!

    ALICANTE wins @ Samorin

    Great win for the new Duo “Alicante-Marlon” at CSIO Samorin this weekend in the 145 class! Only 3 weeks together and already clear in several classes

    CHIEFTAIN OF THE LOWLANDS clear @ Sentower

    Ridden by Damien Plume, CHIEFTAIN realizes a nice clear round in 140 class

    Beautiful 4th place for CENZO

    CENZO in top form @ Roosendaal 2*, he takes the 4th place of a 145 class under the saddle of Gerco Schroder

    DIRKJE-E clear @ Sentower

    Nice round and clear for DIRKJE-E with Damien Plume @ Sentower Park in 135 class

    JUPITER VG again!

    Top weekend show for JUPITER VG under the saddle of Jerome Guery! The 8 years old son of Pommeau du Heup x HeratBreaker takes two 2nd places @ Stephen Masters in Youngster Masters 140!

    VICE VERSA D’OSSAU 6th in 140 @ Samorin

    Good job for VICE VERSA D’OSSAU and Marlon Zanotelli @ CSI3* Samorin with a 6th place in 140 class

    EMIR DE VY clear in 140 class @ Zandhoven

    Good round for EMIR DE VY and Chloe Vranken @ 3* Zandhoven!

    11th place for HANDY VAN HD @ Balmoral 4*

    HANDY VAN HD realized a wonderful round and a ranking during 4* Hits Show with Alberto Michan in 145 class!

    First show together for ALICANTE and Marlon

    A very good start for their first ride together, Alicante is clear in 2 135 classes 2* Zandhoven with Marlon Zanotelli!

    Good start for HADESH

    Arrived in June at our stables, the 5 years old horses did a very good show at ASTEN

    DIESEL GP in top form @ GCT Valkenswaard

    Top show weekend at GCT Valkenswaard for the stallion DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME with Piergiorgio Bucci! Clear in 145 and 150 classes!

    Nice start for JUPITER VG with Jerome Guery

    The 8 years old son of HeartBreaker did a really good start under the saddle of Jerome Guery! For their first show together at GCT Valkenswaard, they made a beautiful round in 135 class

    Very good results at Belgian Championships for FALDO

    Son of the famous ALICANTE, FALDO takes the 6th place of the championships!

    EL DORADO 10th place GP2* Samorin

    Good job for EL DORADO and Dominque Hendrickx in the 145 GP 2*! The take the 10th place!

    GAMKO S clear @CSI4* Ommen

    Nice round and clear for GAMKO S with Mark Bluman at CSI4* Ommen!

    FELLINI S takes the win at Michigan finale!

    FELLINI S winner of the 7 years old finale with Alberto Michan at Michigan Championships!


    Very successful show weekend for our riders! Chloé Vranken clear again this time with URFEE DES LUTHIERS (Heartbreaker x Le Tot de Semilly) @ Flanders Horse Event 3* in a 145 class!

    ÉMIR DE VY clear in 140 class @CSI3* Beervelde!

    Very nice round for EMIR DE VY (approved stallion) at CSI3* beervelde 1m40 with Chloe Vranken

    11th place for ELTON JONES

    11th place for ELTON JONES (Clinton x Elegant de l’ile) in a 150 class @ CSI3* Beervelde with Chloé Vranken!

    First 5* for QUEL HOMME DE HUS!

    Congratulations to Gaëtan Decroix for his 3rd place in the 5* GP 160 @ Jumping International de Dinard CSI5* with QUEL HOMME DE HUS (Sold by Tal Milstein Stables)! Very nice start for their first participation in a 5* Showjumping together!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE in top form!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z (Catoki x Calato) in very good shape @ CSIYH1* LIER with Mark Bluman! All info about the stallion:

    CSF Mr KROON again!

    Nice 6th place again for CSF Mr KROON at CSI2* Zuidwolde!

    fantastic 2nd place for APARDI!

    APARDI (Corland x Kannan) takes a beautiful 2nd place in a 1m50 class @ CHIO Aachen with Daniel Bluman! All covering conditions:

    Nice round for CUMBELLA!

    A nice clear round fo CUMBELLA under the saddle of Chloé Vranken this weekend @ CSI 2* Opglabeek

    ALICANTE in the 5* Grand Prix @ Knokke

    A 14th place for ALICANTE with Jerome Guery in the 1m60 GP 5* @ Knokke Hippique.

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME ranks 5th @Knokke Hippique

    A Great 5th place for our 8 years old stallion DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME (Cassius x Heartbreaker) under the saddle of the Italian rider Piergiorgio Bucci in a 145 class CSI3* @ Knokke Hippique! All information via Stallions Website.

    Good weekend for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE @ CSIYH1* Mons

    Clear Round again for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z (Catoki x Calato) @ CSIYH1* MONS with Mark Bluman! All info about the stallion:

    4th place for ALICANTE @Knokke Hippique

    ALICANTE takes the 4th place of a 145 5* class yesterday in first day show @ Knokke Hippique with Jérôme Guéry!

    Good performance for CSF Mr KROON

    After a clear round in the BIG TOUR 145, great performance again for CSF Mr KROON with a 5th place in the Medium Tour 135 @ CSI2* Wr. Neustadt! (Video: Big Tour 145)

    Clear round for our stallion BOCELLO

    Nice clear round for our approved stallion BOCELLO in CSI3* Bonheiden 140 class, with Mak Bluman! All information about our stallions in TAL MILSTEIN STALLIONS Website.

    Nice ranking for ALICANTE @ GCT Monaco

    After a good weekend in TREFFEN, ALICANTE takes a good 11th place with a 1 time point in the 150 class with Jerome Guery.

    3rd place for ELTON JONES in GP 155

    ELTON JONES and Chloe Vranken take a fantastic 3rd place yesterday in GP3* 155 @ Bonheiden! VIDEO

    Succesful Winter Equestrian Nights

    During the Winter Equestrian Nights in Lier, Diesel GP du Bois Madame jumped his first Grand Prix 1m50 LR. With a clear round, but unfortunately one time penalty, they finished 10th. Chloé and Elton were clear in the Grand Prix, finishing 4th after a fast clear jump-off!

    Chloé Vranken & Dirkje win in De Warre

    Chloé Vranken and Dirkje have won the 1m40 class in de Warre.

    Two times second for Elton Jones in Mechelen

    Chloé Vranken and Elton Jones were second on the first day of CSI2* Mechelen. In the 1m40 they produced a very fast clear round, only Koen Vereecke proved he could do it faster. On the second day, this time in the 1m45, Chloé and Elton proved again to be in...

    Exquisite start of the Stallions at Jumping Mechelen!

    Tuesday is known as the ‘Breeding’ day of Jumping Mechelen. In the 5-years old stallion competition we had Luigi d’Eclipse and Mark Bluman competing. After a clear round they also jumped a fast clear round in the jump-off, finishing on a 4th place! In the 7-years old stallion competition we...

    Promising CSI2* Lier

    Last weekend at CSI2* Lier, Mark Bluman and Chloé Vranken had a good show. On the first day, both Fellini-S and Arsouil de la Chapel were clear in the 6 years old class. In the 7 years old class Corento van het Dingeshof was also clear.In the 1m30 Tal Milstein...

    Successful CSI5* Paris & CSI4* WEF

    This weekend was a successful weekend for Tal Milstein Stables. Alicante jumped to a 8th place in the 1m50 at CSI5* Paris. Saturday in the 1m50 Gold Cup, Jerome and Alicante were clear again, qualifying for the second round. Also the second round was successful, ending on a 3th place!...

    CSI Liege

    CSI Liege was succesful. On the first day in the CSI3* 1m40 class, Chloé Vranken finished 8th with Tahis du Masure, followed by a 9th place for Jérome Guery and Alicante. Mark Bluman and Diesel GP du Bois Madame finished 10th in the same class. In the CSI3*1m45 Mark Bluman...

    Cesar Almeida & Zojasper wins Longines Grand Prix Sao Paulo

    Brazil’s Cesar Almeida secured a victory in the Longines FEI World Cup Jumping South American League by winning the Longines Grand Prix of Sao Paulo with Zojasper, sold by Tal Milstein Stables. After previously finishing runners-up at events in Curitiba in April and Rio de Janeiro last month, the Brazilian,...

    1st place Elliot in 7-years old class Tryon

    During CSI5* Tryon, Alberto Michan of Mexico has won the Seven-Year-Old Young Jumper Qualifier, presented by Hollow Creek Farm at CSI5* Tryon. His winning mount was Elliot!

    Cenzo wins CSI5* Tryon

    Conor Swail (IRL) and Cenzo narrowly edged fellow Irishman Shane Sweetnam and Cornwall for the win in the $35,000 1.45m Horseware® Ireland Opener CSI 5* to begin the week of international competition during Tryon Fall V at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC). Swail and Cenzo made quick work of the jump-off...

    Alicante wins Sires of the World 2016

    An impressive jump-off by Belgium's Jérôme Guéry and Alicante secured the victory in the prestigious 'FEI Sires of the World' in Lanaken on Friday. Guéry was on fire, also taking the third place aboard his relatively new mount Garfield de Tiji des Templiers. Switzerland's Arthur Da Silva and Inonstop van...

    Two times second for Elton Jones in Mechelen

    Chloé Vranken and Elton Jones were second on the first day of CSI2* Mechelen. After a clear round they also jumped a fast clear Chloé Vranken and Elton Jones were second on the first day of CSI2* Mechelen. After a clear round they also jumped a fast clear… first day...

    CSI3* Saint-Lo

    Friday Chloé Vranken jumped clear in the 1m35 with Urfee des Luthiers. Alberto Michan and Gamko finised 7th after a clear round in the CSI3* Prix France Blue. Saturday in the CSI3* 1m40 Chloé Vranken jumped clear with both Enzo van de Herkkant and Urfee des Luthiers In the CSI3*...

    CSI3* Beervelde

    This weekend all our riders are participating at CSI3* Beervelde. Yesterday in the CSI3* 7-years old class Diesel GP du Bois Madame and William Whitaker jumped double clear. In the 1m30 both Alberto Michan with Ujade Ste Hermelle and Chloé Vranken with Urfee des Luthiers (video) jumped a double clear...

    European Championship YR: Twelfth place for Chloé Vranken

    Last week Chloé Vranken participated at the European Young Riders Championships in Millstreet, Ireland. Tahis de Masure and Chloe started great with a first clear round and a clear round for the first team round, bringing Belgium on a first place. Unfortunately for the Belgian Young Riders the luck was...

    Succesful Spruce Meadows

    During the Pan American CSI5* at Spruce Meadows, the horses have shown succesfully. Baronez, Chapeau and Hetman of Colors all jumped a clear round in the 1m45 Mercer Cup. Juan Jose Zendejas and Viva Colombia finished 10th in the Friends of the Meadows U25 Cup – 1.45M after a clear...

    Third win for Famoso d’Ive Z

    New Zealand’s Sharn Wordley and the 9-year old Zangersheide gelding Famoso D Ive Z (For Pleasure X Chin Chin) claimed top honors once again, this time starting off Tryon Summer III at Tryon International Equestrian Center in the $35,000 1.45m Horseware Ireland® Opener CSI 4* with an impressive jump-off time...

    CSI3* Bonheiden: excellent results

    Last weekend, Chloé Vranken participated in CSI3* Bonheiden. Enzo van de Herkant jumped twice a clear round in the 1m40 classes.  Also Emir de Vy and Ceitasi made their debut which resulted in three out of three clear rounds, finishing 1st, 3rd, 8th and 11th.

    Famoso D’Ive Z & Sharn Wordley win again

    Sharn Wordley (NZL) and Famoso D Ive Z owned by the Sky Group & Sharn Wordley, kicked off the first day of competition at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) ringing in the start of the 2016 Tryon Summer Series with an impressive win in today’s $35,000 1.45m Horseware Ireland Opener...

    William Whitaker wins Hickstead Derby

    All eyes were on 2014 and 2015 Derby winner Trevor Breen as the final day of competition unfolded at the Hickstead Derby Meeting to see if he could make it three wins in a row of the Derby. But this time it was England’s William Whitaker who took a...

    Alicante 2nd GCT Monaco

    On Friday the 1m55 class of GCT Monaco was quite succesful for Jérôme Guery and Alicante (Casall x Indoctro), another dangerously fast combination who saw double success in the LGCT Chantilly speed classes earlier this month. Guery and Alicante gave it there all, and came excruciatingly close to Allen’s time,...

    Check Picobello wins 1m50

    Check Picobello convincingly won the 1m50 in Spruce Meadows. Eric Lamaze brought the grey gelding over the finish in 39.10 seconds. Tino La Chapelle and Juan Jose Zendejas finished 7th.

    Third place for California 62 in Grand Prix Calgary

    California 62 is a new ride for Ramsay, who only started with her at the beginning of the year. And it already turned out to be a good success! There were only three who found the ticket to a clear round and would advance to the jump-off. Although Andrew and California...

    Numerous placings in Spruce Meadows, Calgary

    From June 7 untill June 12, the CSI5* presented by Rolex was held at Spruce Meadows, Calgary. On Saturday, Hetman of Colors finished 4th in the TRANSCANADA Winning Round – 1.50M with Conor Swail. One day later, Conor and Cenzo won the 1m45 ATCO Classic! But not only are own...

    Belgium 3rd Nations Cup Young Riders Hagen

    Last weekend, during the CSIO in Hagen, Belgium finished again on the podium during the Young Riders Nations Cup. Hagen is well known as one of the most difficult CSIO's for the youth in the world! The Belgian team consisted of Boy Adrian van Gelderen with Be Cool, Chloé Vranken...

    2nd place CSI4* Grand Prix 160: Alberto & Gigolo

    In the CSI4* Langley Grand Prix, Alberto Michan and Gigolo van de Broekkant finished second. The $129,500 Nations Week Finale Grand Prix proved to be a difficult course with only two double clear rounds. Nayel Nassar won the class with Lordan being one second faster than Alberto and Gigolo.  

    Team Mexico wins Nations Cup CSI4*

    For the second time already, team Mexico won the FEI Nations Cup. During CSI4* Langley, Alberto Michan and Gigolo van de Broekkant were part of the winning team. Also Juan Jose Salgado with Tino la Chapelle, sold by TMS, was part of the winning team! We would also like to...

    Sharn Wordley and Famoso D Ive Z win $35,000

    Sharn Wordley (NZL) and Famoso D Ive Z began Tryon Spring 7 with a strong finish in the $35,000 Horseware Ireland 1.45m Opener at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), taking the speed stake with a time of 64.33 seconds. Mark Bluman (COL) and Hold On Tight II captured second place,...

    Alicante wins GCT Chantilly twice!

    Belgium’s Jérôme Guery will long remember his first 5* Chantilly. Already a winner on Friday in Chantilly, France of the Prix French Tour Generali, he returned early Sunday afternoon to contest the prestigious Master Airbus Group presented by Equidia Life with Tal Milstein and Ilan Ferder’s talented grey stallion Alicante...

    Top performance GCT Chantilly!

    The Global Champions Tour in Chantilly couldn't have started better! In the 1m50 CSI5* Class, Jérôme Guery and Alicante proved to be absolute worldclass! Guery’s impressive speed resulted in the top spot that was over a second faster than the rest of the field in 69.83 seconds. Also Daniel Bluman...

    5th place Grand Prix YR Odense

    Chloé Vranken and Tahis de Masure finished 5th in the Young Rider Grand Prix in Odense! They had an excellent weekend, after already a 1st place in the YR Nations Cup on Friday!

    Old Salem Farm: 3th, 4th and 6th place!

    Alberto Michan was competing with the horses in Old Salem, New York, last week. With J'adore van het Klinkhof he finished 3th and 4th in the 7 year old class. Also Elliot jumped a clear round in this class! Baronez also competed in the Open Jumper class and finished 6th....

    CSIO Odense: 1st Place in Nations Cup!

    Chloé Vranken went to CSIO Odense this weekend and so far, the results are excellent! On Thursday, Elton Jones jumped a clear round in the CSI3* 1m50 class. In the CSI3* 1m35 Chloé and Chin Quin finished second! On Friday, Chloé and Tahis de Mesure were part of the Belgian Young...

    4th place for J’adore!

    Alberto Michan and J'adore van het Klinkhof were jumping this weekend at Old Salem Farm. Together, the combination jumped to a 4th place in the 7-year old class.

    10th place for Gigolo at Grand Prix Coapexpan

    Gigolo van de Broekkant and Alberto Michan finished on a 10th place on Sunday in the Grand Prix Coapexpan! Photo credits: Anwar Equivel

    Conor Swail and Cenzo win again!

    Yesterday at CSIO 4* MEXICO 2016 Club Hípico Coapexpan Conor Swail and Cenzo proved again to be in superb shape! They won the 1m45 LR Welcome class and beat the competition with more than 1,5 seconds. Also Alberto Michan jumped clear with Gigolo van de Broekkant finishing 7th and to...

    CSI4* Coapexpan: 2nd place Grand Prix

    This week Alberto Michan and Conor Swail participated at CSI4* Coapexpan, Mexico. The week started good with a 4th place for Michan and Gigolo van de Broekkant in the 1m40 and a clear round as well with Hetman of Colors in the same class. In the Coapexpan Cup, Conor Swail...

    GCT Mexico: Another clear for Alicante

    Jérôme Guery with Alicante and Conor Swail with Cenzo  were present at the Global Champions Tour in Mexico. Alicante jumped again amazing, finishing clear again in the CSI5* 1m55. Cenzo and Conor jumped in the CSI5* 1m45 to a second place. 

    GCT Miami: Top class!

    Last weekend the Global Champions Tour season 2016 started in Miami! We had three horses competing there: Ujade Ste Hermelle, Gigolo van de Broekkant and Alicante. Ujade & Alberto Michan did superb: in the CSI5* 1m45 class they finished once 7th and once 6th! Gigolo van de Broekkant and Alicante...

    Another successful week!

    This week, in the warming-up class on Wednesday, Viva Colombia and Conor Swail jumped to a 4th place.  In the 7-year-old class Alberto and J’Adore van het Klinkhof jumped a clear round. But not only at the WEF the 7-year-old horses were placed: also Diamond Z and Dominique Hendrickx rode...

    Juan and Tino La Chapelle 10th in WEF Grand Prix

    Last week Tino la Chapelle and Juan Jose Salgado finished 10th in the $130,000 Engel & Volkers CSI 4* Grand Prix. In the 1m30 Alberto Michan and J’adore van het Klinkhof did a nice clear round. In Oliva Dominique Hendrickx and Conventa jumped double clear in the 1m35 class. The...

    Hannah Selleck and Callway do Cabo win 1m40!

    Cenzo and Conor Swail jumped to a 6th place in the Class 1002 – $35,000 Douglas Elliman 1.45M Classic. Two days later, Cenzo and Conor Swail jumped a double clear again, finishing 4Th in the $35,000 FEI Illustrated Properties 1.45M. Hannah Selleck and Callway do Cabo won the 1M40 speed. Meanwhile in...

    Again excellent results WEF Week 9

    In Wellington, during WEF week 9 the 7y old J’adore van het Klinkhof jumped clear in the 1m30 with Alberto Michan, but unfortunately they had to tolerate 1 timepenalty. Carolus van het Ongereet jumped to a 6th place in the 1m30 with Ilan Ferder.  In the same class Ujade Ste...

    Excellent results at WEF week 8

    In the 1m30 Hetman of Colors jumped a double clear round with Alberto Michan. In the 1m35 class Capriole M jumped a double clear with Alberto Michan, just as Hetman of Colors and in the same class Freak Out with Ilan Feder also jumped a double clear. In the Nutrena...

    10th place for Cenzo at WEF

    During the $25,000 Nutrena Jumper Classic Grand Prix Conor Swail and Cenzo jumped a double clear round and finished 10th. Maria Schaub and Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve also showed to be in great shape, finishing 6th in the same class!

    Warrant wins WEF Grand Prix

    After only ten days in the irons of 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood stallion Warrant, Mexico’s Alberto Michan topped 19 pairs to win the $25,000 Suncast® 1.50m Classic Saturday afternoon. Michan recently took over the reins for owner Ilan Ferder Stables and will pilot Warrant throughout WEF. Seven horses advanced to the...

    Check Picobello Z wins Grand Prix WEF!

    The WEF is full of exceptional results for Eric Lamaze and Check Picobello Z. Not only have they won the WEF Cup already three time this season, but also the 4* Grand Prix was a huge success for them. They finished two seconds faster than Nick Skelton with Untouched. Marilyn...

    Dutch Cinda Alda Z 2nd in 1m45 WEF

    Alberto Michan and Dutch Cinda Alda Z finished second during the 1m45 openingsclass in Deeridge Farm.  The only combination doing better were Ward McClain and HH Carlos VHP Z. 

    Acovaro and Ales Opartrny win the Dubai Grand Prix!!

    Ales Opatrny became the first rider from the Czech Republic to win the Emirates Airline Dubai Grand Prix FEI World Cup Qualifier as he guided Acovaro to upstage a strong field of 28 competitors on the closing day of competition at the Dubai Equestrian Club. Third place went to France's...

    Enzo v/d Herkant clear in 1m45 LR Class

    Yesterday in Azelhof, during the CSI2*, Enzo van de Herkant jumped a superb round in the 1m45 Longines Ranking class. Unfortunately Chloé and Enzo had to note one time penalty!

    Hilfiger vd Olmenhoeve 5th Grand Prix Florida

    Maria Schaub and Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve have again showed their amazing capabilities. In Florida, during the ESP Festival, they have jumped to a 5th place in the $25,000 Grand Prix! Congrats!

    Honoust Lady wins 1m35 CSI2* Lier

    Honoust Lady and Vincent Lambrecht have jumped again to victory! This time, they finished 1st in the 1m35 class at CSI2* Lier.   The day before, they have also jumped an easy clear round in the 1m30 class:  

    Successful CSI2* Lichtenvoorde

    Chloe Vranken was competing at CSI Lichtenvoorde this weekend. On Friday she was successful with Hetman of Colors in the 1m35 and in the 1m45 class she jumped an easy clear with Elton Jones on Friday!

    Alicante 3 times clear @ CSI2* Opglabbeek

    This weekend at CSI 2* Opglabbeek Abdel Said and Alicante jumped their first show. On Thursday, the new combination was clear but had one time penalty in the openings 1m30 class. The next day they jumped the 1m35 class finishing 10th. On Sunday, in the Medium Tour final, Alicante showed...

    Castilion van Groenhove wins CSI 7 year old class

    Last Saturday, Abdel Said and Castilion van Groenhove won the 7 year old class at CSI 2* Opglabbeek. Abdel Said proved to be the man in shape, also finishing second in this class with his other horse It's the Senator 111. On the third place finished Emma Augier de Moussac...

    Conor Swail and Viva Colombia win Grand Prix CSI4*

    Wellington, FL – November 28, 2014 – In an exciting jump-off finale, Conor Swail (IRL) and Viva Colombia finished with top honors in the $212,000 Holiday & Horses Grand Prix CSI 4* presented by Palm Beach Sports Commission and Discover the Palm Beaches at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC)....

    Tino la Chapelle wins 1m40 in Florida

    Yesterday at Palm Beach in Florida, Ilan Feder and Tino la Chapelle won te 1m45. They showed to be a lot of faster in the 1m40 class. Also on Frday, Sharn Wordley finished 5th with Famoso D'Ive in the $34,000 Equiline 1.45m Speed Classic!

    5th place Honoust Lady @ CSI 3* Opglabbeek

    This weekend TMS was present at CSI 3* Opglabbeek. On thursday Diesel GP du Bois Madame started amazing, jumping clear but unfortunately one time penalty was noted. Also the other days Diesel jumped clear but had to tolerate some time penalties. On friday also Hetman of Colors was clear in...

    Callway do Cabo 5th in 1m35 CSI5* Thermal

    Callway do Cabo and Hannah Selleck jumped to an excellent 5th place in the $15,000 1m35 class during CSI5* Thermal! Also during CSI5* Thermal, Eric Navet and Jonkheer Z jumped to a 3rd place in the $100,000 Coachella Valley Classic class. Kirsten Coe and Bingo jumped to a 4th place...

    Pin Up d’Hammer wins 1m40 GP

    Pin Up D'Hammer and Vincent Lambrecht showed again their amazing qualities. This time they won the 1m40 Grand Prix in Moorsele. Vincent Lambrecht was also second with Diabeau, followed by a 3rd place for Frederic Cattebeke.

    Honoust Lady 3rd GP 1m40

    Vincent Lambrecht and Honoust Lady were 3rd in the Grand Prix in Moorsele last weekend. The clear round can be seen here:

    Viva Colombia 7th in 1m60

    Last week in Lexington, Kentucky, Conor Swail and Viva Colombia jumped at 1m60 top level.  After a superb clear round and a clear jump-off they ended 7th in this CSI4* competition.

    Strangelove Ennemel 2nd place 1m40 Oliva

    On the last day of the autumn tour, Strangelove Ennemel jumped again a double clear, this time finishing 2nd in the 1m40 class at Csi2* Oliva Nova.

    Pin up D’Hammer and Vincent win again!

    Yesterday in the 1m30 Small Grand Prix qualification in Moorsele, Vincent Lambrecht and Pin Up D'Hammer won again. This time, they beat the competition in 25,96 seconds! Also Honoust Lady jumped a clear round in this class, finishing 7th in the ranking.

    All horses clear @ CSI2* Opglabbeek

    Castilion and Abdel Said werd clear yesterday in the 7y old class at CSI 2* Opglabbeek. Also Chloe did a good job and was clear with both Quillota LS and Aliante in the 1m40 GP Qualifier. Quillota finished 4th and Alicante was good for a 13th place.

    Strangelove Ennemel 3rd in 1m45 Oliva Nova

    This week, Jerome Guery and Strangelove Ennemel are proving again they are in great shape! They finished 3rd in the 1m45 class in Oliva Nova yesterday!

    Strangelove Ennemel 3rd at 1m40 Oliva Nova

    During the final day of the Oliva Nova Gold Tour CSI2*, Jerome Guery and Strangelove Ennemel jumped to a 3rd place in the 1m40 class after an amazing double clear round! Also in Oliva Nova, Quel Homme de Hus jumped to a 10th place in the 1m45 LR Grand Prix...

    Honoust Lady 9th in qualification Small GP!

    In Moorsele, Vincent Lambrecht and Honoust Lady were double clear again today, after a 4th place already this weekend! In the 1m30 qualification of the small grand prix, they finished 9th after a double clear. Jump-off:

    Hilfiger vd Olmenhoeve 2nd in $25,000 Grand Prix

    Today in Florida, the $25,000 Grand Prix was scheduled and again Maria Schaub and Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve proved to be in an excellent shape! For the second time in a row they jumped a double clear and finished second again! Well done! Photo credits: Maria Schaub

    Maria Schaub and Hilfiger vd Olmenhoeve 2nd in 1m40 Florida

    Maria Schaub and Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve did an incredible job on the first day in Palm Beach, Florida. In the $10,000 1m40 class, they finished second! The only one faster was Victoria Karam with New Life HM.  

    Vincent and Pin Up win qualification Small GP Moorsele

    In Moorsele during the Small Cup, Vincent Lambrecht and Pin Up D'Hammer jumped to a first place in the 1m30! The clear round can be seen here:  

    Sharn Wordley and Famoso win their debut!

    Sharn Wordley and Famoso D'Ive Z entered in Tryon and directly won their first show together. In the 1m30 class they were the only combination who could finish double clear! Congrats!

    Czardas 4th @ World Cup Qualifier Del Mar

    Czardas 30 and Kirsten Coe have finished 4th in the World Cup Qualifier in Del Mar on saturday! Next to that, Kirsten and Czardas also finished 12th in the 1m50 Grand Prix Qualifier after one time penalty. Also Eric Navet and Jonkheer Z did great, they finished 9th in the...

    Zojasper sold to Brazil

    Zojasper, the 11 year old stallion by Concorde has been sold to Brazil. Ever since Zojasper started his international carreer, he has been successful.  In the last three months alone he won 5 classes: twice in Brussels during the CSI2* Top Series, twice in Mons in the CSI4* 1m50 classes...

    Another day, another win for Viva Colombia and Conor Swail

    Today Conor Swail and Viva Colombia won the Amalaya CSI3* Speed Cup at the Split Rock Jumping Tour!  A superb prestation, given that they already won the $40,000 Grand Prix ysterday.

    Viva Colombia and Conor Swail win 3* Grand Prix

    At Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington, the $40,000 Hollow Creek Farm grand prix was won by Viva Colombia and Conor Swail. Second finished David Beisel with Call me Hannes. On the video you can see their jump-off.

    Famoso D’Ive Z sold to Sharn Wordley

    Ever since the start of his jumping career Famoso D'Ive Z has jumped to excellent results: the 8 year old gelding by For Pleasure out of a Chin Chin mare won his last CSI2* show with Jerome Guery in Bonheiden after already winning the 1m45 Grand Prix class in Bonheiden in...

    Excellent results at CSI2* Opglabbeek

    Last weekend our horses participated at CSI 2* Opglabbeek. Chloé and the horses proved to be in an excellent shape resulting in a lot of clear rounds. Thursday, Diesel jumped a double clear in the 6y old class, followed by another double clear on friday. Also Colore jumped a double...

    Conor Swail and Viva Colombia win 1m60 Gold Cup Qualifier!

    Super proud of our team today!! Conor Swail and Viva Colombia just won the 1m60 class in New York! And to top it: Kirsten Coe finished 4th with California 62 in the same class as well! Also our team in de Warre did a top job: Chloe and Editha jumped...

    Good start of CSI2* De Warre

    A good day today, two starts for Tal Milstein Stables at CSI2* De Warre and both double clear! Chloe Vranken and Edita first jumped a double clear in the 6y old class at CSIYH* De Warre and later, Chloe jumped another double clear round in the 7y old class with...

    Stephex Masters: again a 1st place for Jerome and Zojasper

    On the second day of the CSI 5* Stephex Masters Jerome and Zojasper win again the 1m45 class. This time they had to compete against 12 combinations in the jump-off and again they showed to be the fastest and best combination in the class! The clock stopped at 33.60 seconds,...

    Stephex Masters: 1st place for Jerome and Zojasper

    After a super show at CSI Gijon, Jerome and Zojasper continue their successes. Thursday they won the 1m45 5* class at Stephex Masters.   With 16 clears, it was an exciting jump-off but Zojasper finished first with an unbeatable time of 38.50 seconds! Congrats Jerome and Zojasper!

    The week of the 4th place

    It looks like Tal Milstein Stables owns the 4th place this week.. Wednesday Jerome Guery and Zojasper jumped to a 4th place a CSI5* Gijon, thursday Chloe and Alicante also finished 4th in the 1m45 class at CSI Zandhoven. Friday we were pleased to announce another 4th place for Zojasper...

    Zojasper 4th @ 1m50 CSI5* Gijon

    Zojasper and Jerome Guery finish 4th at the 1m50 opening class of CSI5* Gijon!

    Baronez & Kirsten Coe: a success story!

    Baronez, a 14y old mare by Skippy II out of a Heartbreaker mother and Kirsten Coe are a known combination in the equestrian world. Together they have jumped an impressive result list, with recently a 10th place in Calgary, Spruce Meadows. Last winter they were also very successfull in Florida,...

    CSI Bonheiden: 3/3 clear round for Alicante and Chloé

    Friday, the first day for Alicante and Chloé at CSI Bonheiden ended with an easy clear round in the 1m40 class. The next day, Alicante showed his quality again and finishes clear again, unfortunately with one time penalty, but still finishing 7th! Sunday, Grand Prix time, a difficult 1m45 class...

    GP Bonheiden: Incredible win for Famoso d’Ive Z and Jerome!

    After a super fast jump-off Jerome does it again!! Famoso d'Ive Z and Jerome Guery jumped a superb clear round and were qualified for the jump-off this afternoon in Bonheiden. With a lot of talented combinations in de jump-off, it promised to be an exciting grand prix! Jerome and Famoso...

    8th place for Alicante in the 1m45 LR

    After a super clear round in the 1m40 yesterday, Chloé and Alicante finish clear again!! This time in the 1m45 ranking class, unfortunately they got one time penalty but still a 8th place at CSI Bonheiden!

    Coverage of BWFA Amb. Luigi to win during CSI-YH Finals!

    Four years ago, he was purchased by Tal Milstein Stables during the BWFA. He then already stood out with his exceptional appearance but also his motherline promised much good! Luigi D'Eclipse is a four-year old stallion by Catoki out of a Calato mother. The grandmother of this stallion is no...

    Successful first day for Tal Milstein Stables

    Today was the first day for the participants of the CSI-3* at Flanders Horse Event. The price Tal Milstein Stables for six year olds yielded no less than 27 flawless combinations. For our rider Ivo Biessen there was also a clear round with Jaita Versoe (S. Der Senaat III). In...

    Zojasper keeps up the good results!

    Zojasper is again being very consistent and got placed 4th on both days he was jumping! 

    Jaita Versoe

    Jaita (Der Senaat x Darco) jumping the 6yo class at Gesves.

    GP Chantilly

    Jerome Guery was placed 5th in the GP of Chantilly with the promising 8 years old Famoso D'ive z ( v. For pleasure ) after a clear round in the jump off . 

    Zojasper and Jerome Guery making a great start !

    A good start for Zojasper and Jerome Guery at their first show in Lummen .  Jerome rode Zojasper to a 5th place in the Qualification for the GP on friday . 

    Kirsten Coe, Baronez & Czardas on the way to Vegas!

    We wish the best of luck to Kirsten Coe, Czardas,Baronez & Lovsta Stuteri at the World Cup Final in Las Vegas . 

    Luigi d’éclipse

    Last weekend we were at Z-Stallion Approval with our 4-year ‘Luigi d’Eclipse’ where he was greatly appreciated by the jury & spectators. On Sunday he got the approval from the jury. Tal Milstein purchased Luigi d’Eclipse during the 2011 BWFA foal auction. More information about the horse & BWFA you...

    Perle du marais at GCT

    Perle du marais in action  with Jorg Matte C  at  the GCT** of Miami during the Grand prix .

    Famoso D ive Z

    Famoso D `ive Z in action in a 1m45 class at sunshine tour . 

    Jaita Versoe

    Jaita Versoe in action in the YH final at csi Bonheiden . 

    csi s Hertogenbosch , indoor brabant

    Zojasper and Ivo Biessen made a good start in Den Bosch , coming 4th in the opening class on friday (1m40) . On Saturday evening the pair jumped to a 6 th place in the ´ Derby of den Bosch (1m45) .

    Jonkheer Z 8th placed in the 1 million $ GP

    Jonkheer Z and Eric navet   where placed 8th in the 1 million $  grandprix in HITS thermal the 15 of march 2015 .  The weak before the where also placed 3th in the 25000 $ grand prix the 8 of march 2015 .  video : Jonkheer Z en Eric...

    Quel Homme de Hus placed 6th in 1.55 GP

    The 1m55 Grand Prix of the Sunshine Tour this afternoon had two winners. Both Robert Bevis (Courtney S) and Dermott Lennon (Loughview Lou Lou) clocked their jump off in the same time. American Reed Kessler came 3rd with Cos I Can. Reed was able to keep the 3rd spot before Henk Van...

    Eric Lamaze and Check Picobello Z

      The 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) kicked off with its first day of competition at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) in Wellington, FL, on Wednesday and a win for Olympic gold medalist Eric Lamaze in the first class of the day. Lamaze and the nine-year-old Zangersheide gelding Check...

    Kirsten Coe and Baronez return to million-dollar stage

    With a clear round Kirsten Coe and Baronez secured last Sunday's Jump-off in the $ 1 million dollar Grand Prix at the Ocala Horse Property. Last week the pair jumped already to a third place in the $ 1 million dollar Grand Prix, this time the returned to the stage...

    Kirsten Coe and Baronez impress at $1 million HITS Thermal

    Last Sunday's AIG $1 million dollar Grand Prix in Thermal was really a 'clash of the Titans'. Only 3 horse-rider combinations left the wood untouched. Also Kirsten Coe and the 13-year-old Baronez (by Skippy II). The pair set the time at 46.86 seconds, good for a third place in this...

    McIntosh and Estina star in Waitemata

    Lakeridge Equestrian riders Samantha McIntosh and Mathew Gilmour took the three top placings in the one star ESNZ horse grand prix at the Waitemata Showjumping Championships at Woodhill Sands yesterday. McIntosh (Cambridge) and her mare Estina won the class ahead of Gilmour (Matangi) aboard Branson MVNZ, with McIntosh also taking third...

    Estina triumphs in New-Zaeland WC Finals

    It promised to be a battle of the ladies in the Bayer FEI World Cup final. Eleven started the prestigious class, with just three going clear in the first round. Eight came back for the second round over the Gerrit Beker-designed course. Series winner McIntosh was pleased with the effort of her top horse Estina. "I wanted to...

    All Class From Estina in World Cup

    The former Olympian and World Champs representative, Samantha McIntosh, won the World Cup in Taupo, aboard her sometimes feisty mare Estina, backing up their victory in the world cup round at Feilding earlier this month. Samantha states; "Estina is as brave as a lion and just knows when to step...

    Cantando Lyngriis jumps in the picture in Geneva

    At the international showjumping competition in Geneva, Switzerland Tal Milstein Stables provided one of the tophorses in the 1m45 speedclass. Under the saddle of Daniel Bluman, the 12-year-old Holsteiner Cantando Lyngriis  (Cassini I x Zarewitsch XX) jumped to a second place.  Finishing without touching the wood in  a time of...

    Estina all class in World Cup

    Samantha McIntosh may be an Olympian and a World Champs rider but her victory today in the World Cup at the Royal A and P Show in Feilding, New Zealand is a first. Aboard the nine-year-old Belgian imported mare Estina, McIntosh (Cambridge) headed home 12 other combinations. The combination have...

    Doree vd Moskifarm top sire in Belgium

    In the first qualifier for this year's Mechelen Freejump contest for Young Horses the popularity of Doree van de Moskifarm, a stallion ridden by Tal Milstein Stables-rider Perry Geryl is by far the most popular sire. From the 50 starting horses, Doree has no less than 3 young freejumpers at...

    Adamo van ‘t Steenputje on top in World Cup Las Vegas

    At the Las Vegas National Saturday’s  $50,000 Markel Insurance Grand Prix CSI-W had forty-two entries with eight pairs going clean, resulting in a nail-biting jump-off. Andrew Ramsay on his relatively new mount, Adamo van't Steenputje (Darco x Feinschnitt I vd Richter) set the  time to beat at 34.32, immediately the...

    Czardes stays on top in Toronto

    In yesterday's $50,000 Weston Canadian Open class in Toronto, Canada Ward McLain and the 10-year-old Hannoverian Czardas (Contendro x Grannus) scored a clear round. The pair ended up in the fifth place after a clear round in 62,44 seconds.

    Czardas and Zojasper triumph in Toronto

    At the Royal Horse Show in Toronto, Canada the worldcup competitors arrived at the beginning of this week. In yesterday's opening $33,000 Jolera International Jumper Welcome Kirsten Coe and the 9-year-old Zojasper (Concorde x Jasper) finished clear in a time of 64.63 seconds, good for a sixth place. Earlier that...

    Elton Jones and Califa impresses in Genk

    Last weekend our rider Perry Geryl entered the CSI 2*-event in Genk, Belgium. The indoor season can start again. Aboard the impressive grey Elton Jones (Clinton x Elegant D'ile) Perry scored a double clear round in the 1m30-class on Saturday. Ending the time in 16:88 seconds it brought the pair...

    Delphine DH in front in Del Mar

    At the international worldcup event in Del Mar Tatiana Dzavik and the 10-year-old Delphine DH (triomphe de Muze x Capitol) placed 8th in the $25,000 GGT Footing Grand Prix Series Final, with a total of 60 entries.

    Estina starts World Cup Hastings victoriously

    Samantha McIntosh  and Estina (Heartbreaker x Libero H), who already have their certificate of capability for WEG, were in good form in Australia over the winter months. Yesterday the pair won the big class at the World Cup CSI 1*-w competition in Hastings. news by

    Friesel impresses in Del Mar

    Last week the Canadian Tatiana Dzavik ended second in the $5,000 1m35 Hunters competition. Aboard Friesel Van de Bakker (by Orlando) she made it to the second place out of a total of 41 starters.   video: Friesel and Tatiana in Sacramento GP

    Chicago Lyngriss second in Pennsylvania Horse Show

    On Thursday at the National Horse Show in Pennsylvania it was Mary Claire McDonald who jumped to a second place aboard our Tal Milstein Stables horse Chicago Lyngriss. This eleven year old gelding by Carano x Zarewitsch xx jumped a clear round in a time of 62:597 seconds in the...

    Calypso sold to Emilie Martinsen

    Yet again Tal Milstein stables marks itself in the horseworld. Today Tal Milstein Stables and Ilan Ferder sold the impressive 11-year-old Calypso to Emilie Martinsen. The son out of Orlando and Weytensie (s. Denver) was recently ridden by the American Kirsten Coe. The pair jumped together several successes. Recently they...

    Warrant scores in Land Rover Grand Prix

    At the Sacramento Horse Show William Simpson and his Tal Milstein horse, Warrant (Numero Uno x Nimmerdor) was just not fast enough to take home the victory in the $54,000 Land Rover Grand prix. Warrant, in ownership of Monarch International, jumped clear in this 1m60 competition. Only Mandy porter and...

    Cascade awarded as best Young Horse

    At the international horse show in Rancho Murieta, Sacramento our horse Cascade has won the 6-year-old suitablility championships. Under the saddle of the Canadian Tatiana Dzavik the Indoctro-son was even more awarded as best Young Horse of the show.

    Perry Geryl impresses in Bonheiden

    Last weekend our competition rider, Perry Geryl, impressed many visitors at the CSI2* in Bonheiden, Belgium. Together with Deister, Heros de Papignies Z and Doree vd Moskifarm Perry rode some nice rounds. Aboard Heros de Papignies Z Perry scored a clear round in the 130 class. Also in the 140...

    Zo Jasper clear in World Cup Qualifier Angelstone

    On Saturday evening, The FEI World Cup Qualifier got off to a great start as Kristen Coe jumped a clear round aboard ZoJasper in front of a capacity crowd of energized spectators. Thirty-four of the most prestigious riders ever assembled at Angelstone tackled Oscar Soberon’s course with a time allowed...

    Delphine DH wins the Sacramento GP

    After one week rest Tatiana Dzavik and Delphine DH are back in business. Saturday the pair won the Sacramento Welcome Grand Prix in Rancho Murieta. They left Francie Steinwedell-Carvin and Taunus on the second place in this Grand Prix.  Aboard the other Tal Milstein Stables reference, Friesel Van  De Bakker,...

    Samantha McIntosh and Estina Florish in Australia

    On the last day of competition at the Australian Showjumping Chamionships in Werribee it was Samantha McIntosh and Tal Milstein Stables-reference, Estina (s. Heartbraeker), who impressed in the Senior Championship Grand Prix Final. The pair ended on a nice 7th place. In an interview Chef d'Equipe Cottle states; “I am...

    TMS horses on stage in $25,000 Blenheim competition

    In the $25,000 CashCall Mortgage Futurityat Blenheim Equisport Fall competition two Tal Milstein Stables horses ended on the stage. With Tatiana Dzavik on the back the 8-year-old Belgian Warmbred Friesel van De Bakker made a nice round resulting in a sixth place. Julia Koetting and the 8-year-old Holsteiner Clint Cristo...

    TMS horses score at Blenheim Equisport

    Last weekend the Canadian Tatiana Dzavik did a nice job aboard some Tal Milstein Stables-horses. On the back of Delphine Tatiana took a strong start by winning the 1m30 class.  On the back of Dahlia she went even further. The pair took home the victory in the 1m40-class while ending...

    Doree vd Moskifarm produces winners

    Last weekend the second edition of the 'Flanders Free Jump' competition was held at the equestrian center 'Zilveren Spoor' in Moorsele, Belgium. For the 2-year-old horses the victory was for the sBs stallion Fazoe van de Moskifarm, a son of the prestegious stallion Doree vd Moskifarm. The score of 78,20%...

    Baronez shines in Spruce’s Nations Cup

    At the international show of Spruce Meadows our American rider Kirsten Coe jumped into the spotlights aboard the Belgian Warmbred-mare Baronez (s. Hearbraeker). In the opening 1m50 competition the pair made a splendid ride with a minor fault in the end of their course. Proving that Baronez is a first...

    Doree vd Moskifarm and Perry score in Zandhoven

    Last week Tal Milstein's home-rider, Perry Geryl scored a  fifth place in the 1m45 Sea Coast -Price. Aboard the fabulous stallion, Doree van de Moskifarm (Heartbraeker x Skippy II), they scored a clear round in a time of 44:14 seconds. The horse is in ownership of Francois Goffaux and is...

    Warrant-son best jumping foal of Denmark 2013

    The title best Jumping Colt Foal 2013 at the Danish Warmblood EQUSANA Elite Show went to Lajgardnes Walliant. The large framed and masculine son by the KWPN-stallion Warrant x Pythagoras was described as a harmonious, muscular colt foal with good stallion expression and an excellent roomy and well-balanced canter.   Source:

    Delphine and Clint Cristo triumph at Blenheim Equestrian

    On the back of her new mount the Canadian Tatiana Dzavik has won the $7,500 1m45 CashCall Jumper price at the Blenheim Equestrian Center last Saturday. The pair was the fastest out of 12 combinations and left the French toprider Eric Navet (Ferrari) on a second place. Julia Koeting and...

    Tatiana Dzavik and Dahlia splendid in ShowparkGP

    The superb Showpark grand prix field was jumping on this cloudless Southern California afternoon. With forty-one horse and rider combinations and eight clean, the only double clear earned the win in the $40,000 Showpark Summer Grand Prix, presented by Markel Insurance. It wasn't until the seventeenth horse galloped on course,...

    Tatiana Dzavik and Dahlia Dominate 1.40m Open Jumpers at Kentucky Summer Horse Show

    Lexington, KY – July 24, 2013 – Perfect weather greeted riders as competition got underway during the Kentucky Summer Series at the Kentucky Horse Park. The Open Jumper riders gathered at the Rolex Stadium, where the first 1.40m Open Jumper class focused on speed and Tatiana Dzavik had the winning...

    Kirsten Coe 2nd Calgary

    American rider Kirsten Coe had the 2nd place in the 1m60 class CSI**** Calgary, Spruce Meadows with the 11 year old gelding Calypso ( Orlando x Denver) sold by TMS. Congratulations to Kirsten and Calypso

    Perry Geryl and Electra King 8th place

    This weekend TMS rider Perry Geryl had the 8th place with his 7 year old Cardento mare, Electra King, in the finals of the 7 year old Horses. 

    Baronez 6th at CSIO***** Calgary

    Congratulations to Kirsten Coe and Baronez for the 6th place on the Grand Prix 1m60 class at CSIO***** Calgary, Spruce Meadows, wich was a World Cup Qualifier 

    Perry Geryl wint 7-jarige CSI*** Lummen

      Perry Geryl won verder een paar minuten geleden de tweede reeks voor zevenjarigen met Curtis Helldiver (v. Maloubet de Pleville). Deze ruiter van Tal Milstein Stables in Asse, klokte af op 44,35 seconden in de barrage, net 0,09 seconden sneller dan Julien Denayer en Goldfinger vd Hengstenpoel (v. Winningmood vd Arenberg)....

    Rexar Du Houssoit verkocht aan TMS

      Donaat Brondeel ziet opnieuw één van zijn toppaarden verdwijnen. De 12-jarige Rexar du Houssoit (E.T.) (v. Ksar Sitte) behaalde onder het zadel van de Aalterse ruiter verschillende internationale overwinningen en ereplaatsen. Eerder dit jaar werd het duo nog tweede in de Grote Prijs van het CSI2* Moorsele terwijl de...

    Quel Homme De Hus verkocht naar tal milstein stables

      De Franse ruiter Gilles Button ziet één van zijn beloftevolle jonge springers vertrekken naar België. Voormalig eigenaar Haras de Hus verkocht de zevenjarige hengst Quel Homme de Hus (Quidam de Revel x Candillo) aan de Belgische Tal Milstein Stables en Haras de Laubry. Wie de zevenjarige hengst in de...

    warrant verhuist naar Usa

      Tal Milstein Stables wordt of is al een baken in de springsport. Recent kocht Tal Milstein nog Rexar en Quel Homme de Hus op. Nu verkocht de stal de 10-jarige KWPN-hengst, Warrant. Warrant (Numero Uno x Nimmerdor) werd aangekocht door Tal Milstein en Ilan Ferder en verhuisde zo van...