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    EMIR DE VY in Sires of the World!

    Good perf for this son of Calvaro Z with a double clear in Sires of the World in Mechelen! They take the 8th place with Chloe Vranken!

    Visit us at Mechelen!

    Tal Milstein Stallions team is present at Jumping Mechelen! Come to visit us on our both!

    Luigi d’Eclipse is back on track

    He is back on track and he is in super form! Our 7yo approved stallion is ready for Mechelen!

    Nice weekend at 2* Lier

    Several clear for 5yo mare HATHINA Z, 8yo KODDAC VAN HET INDIHOF and 7yo LUIGI d’ECLIPSE!

    GRACE P and Dayro in top form at YH1* Opglabbeek

    Good perf with clear in first day and 2nd place in second day in the 7yo classes for the bay mare!

    Good start at 2* Achterhoek

    Nice beginning of show at 2* Achterhoek with several ranking for Dayro Arroyave with CUMBELA in 140, new incomer KODDAS VH INDIHOF in 135 and HANDY VAN HF in 145 class with a 4th place!

    ICEMAN DE MUZE 9th in 155 GP

    Good perf for stallion ICEMAN DE MUZE with a 9th place in 155 GP 3* Sentower under the saddle of Dayro!

    Good weekend again for TMS horses!

    Many clears at 3* Sentower this weekend for our riders Chloe Vranken and Dayro Arroyave in 140 and 145 classes!

    ALICANTE 5th GP 160 4* Liege

    Fantastic round (and a small fault in the jump off!) for our stallion ALICANTE in the 160 GP! They take the 5th place!

    TMS horses at 4* Liège

    Super weekend for TMS horses with several podiums and rankings for CROUPIER V, ISABEAU DE LAUBRY, ALICANTE, GYLORD CARTHAGO , ICARUS and QUILIMBO.

    Marlon and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY again!

    What a weekend for the 10 years old mare with several rankings in 145 classes under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli at Jumping de Liege!

    Super weekend for GYLORD CARTHAGO !

    With a clear the first day, a win the second day and a 9th place during the 7yo final, GYLORD CARTHAGO BH did a very good sport weekend!

    ICARUS Winner 145 GP Lier!

    ICARUS (approved stallion) did a super weekend at Lier with a 3rd place in 140 class and a victory in the 2* GP under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli!

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY on the top!

    What a weekend for ISABEAU! 6th in 145 LR class and Winner in 140 class at 2* Lier!

    Another great sport weekend @ Lier!

    Succession of clear rounds and rankings for our TMS horses this weekend in Lier 2*! Clear for QUILIMBO in 130, clear for HANDY VAN HD in 140, 7th place for ALICANTE in 140 and podiums for ICARUS and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY! (Video : Alicante 7th 140)

    EMIR DE VY ranked in GP 2*

    Good perf for the stallion with a 8th place in GP 145 with Chloe Vranken!

    Good start at 2* Opglabbeek

    First day show full of clear with a 8th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE , clear for EMIR DE VY, CENZO in 140 class, 6th place for GRACE P in 7yo, clear for DECCO in 130 and new incomer HATHINA Z clear in 5yo! Video: iceman de muze

    QUILIMBO brilliant at 3* Moorsele

    Ranking again for QUILIMBO with also a great victory in 1345 LR class at 3* Moorsele with Dayro Arroyave!

    ALICANTE and Dayro in top form!

    Alicante and Dayro did a very good clear in 155 5* Waregem this weekend!

    Top weekend at 5* Waregem

    Very good weekend for Grace P (Winner and 3td place in 7yo Waregem), several clear and 6th place for HANDY VAN HD and 6th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE in 145 5* class with Dayro Arroyave!

    CUMBELA 7th in 150 GP

    Good job for Dayro and CUMBELA in 150 3* Bonheiden with a nice 7th place!

    Podiums at 3* Bonheiden

    Already several podiums and rankings at 3* Bonheiden for Dayro and our horses! Victory for HANDY HD and CUMBELA in 140 class and GP qualifier, 3rd place for CUMBELA in 140 class and 12th lace for HANDY VAN HD in 145 class!

    What a day at Lanaken!

    TMS horses were brilliant in Sires of the World international class! 3rd place for ICARUS with Marlon Zanotelli, 6th place for ALICANTE and 8th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave! Well done team!

    Sires of the World Lanaken!

    First day full of clear rounds with a 2nd place for ALICANTE, 6th place for QUILIMBO, 12th place for ICEMAN DE MUZE and a beautiful round from DIAMOND Z!

    2nd place for ISABEAU @ GCT Roma!

    Very goof perf again with a 2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Modolo at Longines Global Champions Tour Rome in 145 class!

    3rd place for CUMBELA

    And again a podium for CUMBELA and Dayro this weekend in 140 c lass 3* Moorsele!

    CUMBELA winner 140 class at 3* Lier

    First show together and already a victory for CUMBELA and Dayro Arroyave in 140 3* Azelhof !

    EMIR DE VY clear in 150 LR @ Zandhoven

    Very proud of our 8 years old stallion EMIR DE VY who did an amazing round in 150 LR Class at 3* Zandhoven with Chloe Vranken!

    Our horses in top form @ Zandhoven 3*

    So many clear and already rankings for our horses with a beautiful victory for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY (under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli) in 140 class! ICEMAN DE MUZE and DIAMOND Z clear in 145 LR class, QUILIMBO and MADAGASCAR clear in 140 class, 6 years old MARQUIS LE BEAU...

    Good weekend for our horses in Sentower!

    Our 7 years old DALTON DI AREZZO Z , GRACE P and BOHEME DU MARAIS did a very good job under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave in 1* Classes ! All clear in all classes! Grace P ends with a 4th place in 135 GP and Dalton with a 9th...

    the 7 yo in top form!

    DALTON DI AREZZO , GRACE P and BOHEME DU MARAIS all clear first day and second day at 1* Opglabbeek with Dayro! (Video Dalton)

    Good start for Dayro and ICEMAN in Sentower!

    New comer ICEMAN DE MUZE and Dayro are clear in first day show at Sentower 3* in 140 class!

    FELLINI S in top form with Erynn Ballard

    FELLINI S and Erynn L Ballard again double clear yesterday in the 1,40m finishing with a 4th place at Great lakes Festival Michigan!

    Amazing victory for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE !

    Fantastic come back for LUIGI who didn’t touched a fence of the weekend and wins the final of 7 years old in Beervelde, under the saddle of Dayro Arroyave!

    MADAGASCAR and CENZO placed in Beervelde 3*

    Good start for both horses under the saddle of Chloe Vranken! A 11th place for MADAGASCAR LS in 135 and 7th place for CENZO in 145 accumulator!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE back on track!

    For their first show together , Luigi d’Eclipse and Dayro Arroyave sign a double clear in day one 7 yo class! A very good start for the stallion after his covering season!

    GLASGOW DE MUZE winner at Kentucky Hosre Park

    The 12 years old gelding took the win this weekend in the 50,000$ Grand prix under the saddle of Jimmy Torano!


    3rd step of the podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Zanotelli at CSIO Hickstead in 150 class!

    ICARUS clear in 140 at Opglabbeek

    Very goor round for the stallion ICARUS with Marlon Zanotelli in 140 2* Opglabbeek!

    First Nations Cup for DIESEL GP

    Amazing clear round for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME in Falsterbo Nations Cup with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    6th place for ALICANTE in 150 3*

    What a weekend for Alicante with Piergiorgio Bucci ; they take the 6th place of the 150 class at Knokke Hippique!

    ALICANTE clear in 145 3* Knokke

    Clear round also for ALICANTE ! The grey stallion stills doing good under the saddle of Piergiorgio Bucci!

    GYLORD 7th @ Knokke Hippique!

    The 7 years old by Mylord Carthago signs a beautiful clear in CSI1* at Knokke with a 7th place!

    Amazing weekend for CUMBELA!

    After a beautiful clear in 145 class at Bonheiden , CUMBELA takes the win in the 150 3* Grand Prix with Maureen Bonder ! What a team !

    EMIR DE VY clear in 145 class

    Top round for the stallion in 145 class at 3* Bonheiden with Chloe Vranken!

    Great win for GYLORD CARTHAGO in 7 yo class!

    GYLORD CARTHAGO (by Mylord Carthago) just won the 7 yo class today at Hippisch Centrum C&M Bonheiden with Vincent Lambrecht !

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME ranked in GP Estoril!

    Beautiful double clear for DIESEL GP and Piergiorgio Bucci in 155 GP of GCT Estoril last weekend! The stallion is in really good form!

    Victory again for ISABEAU !

    And the winner is… ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli at Glock Horse Performance Center in 150 5* class this weekend ! Good job !

    ICARUS 7th in 155 speed class @ GCT St Tropez

    What a double clear for ICARUS in 155 speed class at Global Champions Tour St Tropez under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli!

    CUMBELA clear in 150 @ Baltica Tour

    Very good first 150 round for Cumbela with Maureen Bonder during Baltica Tour!

    2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Amazing round to the 2nd place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in the 150 Speed Class under the saddle of Marlon Módolo Zanotelli at 3* Norten-Hardenberg!

    Casallo Z back on tracks!

    Casallo Z is back and he is it super form! Check out his clear rounds in Valkenswaard 2* i 145 classes with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    Our stallions in top form!

    Very good perf for CASALLO Z, CASAGO and ALICANTE at Valkenswaard 2*! All clear and also a beautiful 5th place in the 7 years old final for CASAGO!

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY clear in Valkenswaard

    Marlon Modolo did a great round with ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in yesterday’s 145 Big Tour at Tops International Arena Valkenswaard 2*!

    Beautiful perf for DIESEL!

    What an amazing round for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME and Piergiorgio Bucci with a 6th place in today’s Grand Prix 1m60 Longines Global Champions Tour of Hamburg!

    Good weekend for CENZO

    After a clear round in 145 class, good End of a sports weekend with a 10th place for CENZO who signs a beautiful clear under the saddle of Chloé Vranken in today 155 Grand Prix 3* during Pferdefestival Redefin!

    Podium again for ICARUS!

    After their victory 2 weeks ago in Opglabbeek Grand Prix, only a few tenths of a second behind the first step of the podium for ICARUS and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli! They sign today a beautiful 2nd place in the 150 Grand Prix 3* in Zilveren Spoor! Well done!

    Beautiful 2nd place for DIAMOND Z!

    The stallion signs a very nice 2nd place in 145 class in Moorsele with May Bluman!


    Podium for JUPITER VG with a superb 2nd place in the 3* 155 Grand Prix at Jumping International de Maubeuge, under the saddle of Jérôme Guéry!

    CATOKI’S SON 5th in Big class 150 at NY Masters

    CATOKI’S SON (by CATOKI) takes a super 3rd place in 150 class during 5* Longines Masters of NEW YORK under the saddle of Erynn Ballard!

    CUMBELA clear again!

    Clear again for CUMBELA in top shape under the saddle of Maureen Bonder in 140 class at Concours Hippique Mierlo!

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME 6th in 155 @ Shanghai

    Beautiful round for DIESEL in 155 class in LGCT shanghai with Piergiorgio Bucci with a 6th place!


    ICARUS and Marlon Modolo winner in today’s GRAND PRIX 2* at Sentower Park!

    ALICANTE in top form @ GCT Miami!

    Beautiful round and a 5th place for our stallion ALICANTE during Global Champions Tour Miami with Piergiorgio Bucci!


    Grand Prix winner AGAIN for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in 2* Grand Prix 145 of PEELBERGEN under the saddle of Marlon Modolo! 2 weeks ago, the couple took the victory in Bonheiden GP!

    CARIBI on the top!

    One more time for CARIBI at TOSCANA TOUR with Maureen Bonder! The 8 years old mare signs a 5th place in today 130 Silver class!

    Stallion Show at Tal Milstein Stables

    Successful day at our stables for the annual Stallion Show! Discover all our approved sport stallions on our stallions website

    ISABEAU DE LAUBRY Grand Prix Winner Bonheiden

    Marlon Zanotelli and ISABEAU DE LAUBRY take the win in 2* Grand Prix of Bonheiden!

    All clear for ALICANTE at GCT Mexico!

    Very good weekend for the stallion during Global Champions Tour of Mexico! 7th in 145 class, 11th in 150 class and 10th in 155 Big class the last day!

    Very good weekend for our horses in Bonheiden!

    Hades VDS and Icarus did good performances with Marlon Zanotelli in 2* Bonheiden!

    DIAMOND Z flying over the Big Tour 150 in Sunshine Tour

    DIAMOND Z is improving every days! the 9 years old stallion did a very good week in Sunshine Tour under the saddle of Mark Bluman finishing by a beautiful clear in 150!

    Podium for DIAMOND Z!

    At Vejer de la frontera, DIAMOND Z takes the 2nd place of the Medium Tour!

    JUPITER VG 6th in 1m55 at Saut Hermes!

    very nice 6th place for JUPITER VG in Accumulator 155 class during Saut Hermes!

    Nice ride for EL DORADO in 150 LR

    EL DORADO (Indorado x Heartbreaker) did a very nice round in 150 class with Marlon Zanotelli!

    Good job for HANDY VAN HD

    Handy did several clear and ranking at WEF last days with Eryn Ballard! Have a look on the videos : HANDY 145 WEF

    4th place for CEITASI!

    At WEF, Ceitasi takes a beautiful 4th place in 140 class with Eryn Ballard!

    ALICANTE did good at Vilamoura

    The stallion made several clear rounds in 135 and 140 classes! Good start for the outdoor season!

    4th place in Sunshine Grand Prix for JUPITER VG

    Beautiful double clear and a 4th place for the 9 years old stallion with Jerome Guery!

    Clear week for our rider Chloé Vranken!

    Very good week in Oliva for our horses under the saddle of Chloe Vranken! Several clear rounds in 140 classes with ELTON JONES, IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT, EMIR DE VY (8th in 135), GAMKO S (9th in 145), GYLORD CARTHAGO,.. All video on our Youtube Page!

    5th place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in Oliva Grand Prix

    Beautiful round and 5th place for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY in 145 GP 2* in Oliva with Marlon Zanotelli

    GAMKO S in top form @ Oliva!

    Under the saddle of our rider Chloe Vranken, GAMKO did super results during this second week in Oliva, in 140 classes and GP 145

    JUPITER VG @ Sunshine Tour

    Nice results for JUPITER VG in 140 classes during 2* in Sunshine tour with Jerome Guery!

    Marlon Zanotelli 2nd with ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Great 2nd place for ISABEAU and Marlon during 145 big class @ Oliva Met II!

    Two victories for ESMEE!

    @ The Ridge of Welligton Turf Tour, ESMEE did an amazing show weekend with 2 victories in 135 classes and GP 135 under the saddle of Daniel Bluman!

    Super weekend for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT

    Under the saddle of Chloe Vranken, IRONMAN signs 3 clear rounds in 135, 140 and GP 140 during Oliva MET II!

    GYLORD CARTHAGO double clear in two days show!

    Also very good perf for this son of Mylord Carthago in the 7 years old class with double clear rounds under the saddle of our rider Chloe Vranken!

    HADESH opens the weekend @ Oliva!

    Nice clear for HADESH in the 6 years old class with Chloe Vranken in this very first day competition @ Oliva Mediterranean Equestrian Tour!

    Alicante @ 2* Opglabbeek

    Good perf for the stallion with several clear rounds in 140 and 145 class with Piergiorgio Bucci!

    Amazing round for ALICANTE @ CSI5W Leipzig

    A very good start for ALICANTE under the saddle of his new rider Piergiorgio Bucci, in their first 5* show together.

    World Number 3 McLain Ward with Handy Van HD

    McLain Ward and HANDY VAN HD clear in 140 class @ WEF Winter Equestrian Festival!

    CENZO in top form @ Dracthen 3*

    Very nice rounds for CENZO under the saddle of Angelica Augustsson during 3* drachten! They are clear in 140 and 145 classes with ranking!

    Tal Milstein Stables team wishes you a very happy New Year!


    Faldo 7th in 7 years old Finale!

    Very good 7th place for this son of Alicante x Sydney during the 7 years old finale with Vicky Van De Poel!

    Top results for our young stallions

    CASAGO and LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z take the 5th and 8th place of the 6 years old finale during CSIW Mechelen under the saddles of Piergiorgio Bucci and Niels Bruynseels!

    10th place for JUPITER VG in Sires class

    A nice 10th place for JUPITER VG (approved stallion) during the Sires class at CSIW 5* Mechelen with Jerome Guery!