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    Reference Nespresso van’t Laekhof wins the 7yo jump off class in Tryon. Magic Lady takes a top 12 finish in the Low A/O Jumpoff class. Charme from the second Life Z also with a fantastic round to take home the win  in the High JR/AO speed class, Tryon. Ceitasi and...

    Rankings continue…

    Winner QUEL HOMME DE HUS! 1st place in the CSI4* 1.50m at Hubside Jumping St. Tropez! 4th place for ICARUS in the CSI4* 1.45m in St. Tropez. 1st place for IZARRA VDS and 2nd place for NESPRESSO VAN’T LAEKHOF in the 7yo Jumpoff class, Tryon. 12th place for FELLINI S...

    Podium for Luigi D’Eclipse

    After a fantastic clear round in the 1.30m, Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli take home the third place in the 1.40m class at Hubside Jumping St. Tropez!  

    #Reference Don’s Diamant doing great again!

    It’s a fantastic 7th place for Natalie Dean and her Don’s Diamant in yesterday’s 3* $37,000 Welcome Stake!  

    Luigi D’Eclipse in top form!

    Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli with a great round in today’s 1.30m class at Hubside Jumping St. Tropez!

    From win to win!

    Our reference ICARUS takes home another win! This time he open the opening class at Hubside Jumping St. Tropez with Marlon Zanotelli! After winning in Valkenswaard the team Grand Prix! Well done!

    More good rounds!

    #References DON’S DIAMANT takes home the 6th place in the 3* $36,600 Welcome Stake at Great Lakes Equestrian Festival, Traverse City, Michigan. Reference IZARRA VDS also with a great round in the 1.30m speed class! Well done!

    Diesel GP 5th at Jumping Peelbergen!

    Back at the show and directly an amazing 5th place for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME  and Marlon Zanotelli in the 1.40m Hertiage Products Prix at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen!

    #References are doing fantastic!

    Again great rounds and nice placings for our references! NESPRESSO VAN’T LAEKHOF wins the 1.30m jump off class! LEAL with several placings at Great Lakes Equestrian Festival! JUDGE TER HOF ZEEDYCKE with a 3rd place in the 1.35m class at Traverse City Horse Show! 4th place for CHARME FROM THE...

    Happy Birthday Tal!

    The entire team wishes a very happy birthday to a wonderful boss! You are supportive, kind-hearted, funny, inspirational and truly amazing! Continue to keep us in check!    

    2nd place for Reference ICARUS

    It’s a top 2nd place for ICARUS and Marlon Zanotelli at CSI4* 1.45m  class Hubside Jumping!

    Another win!

    #Reference Karina Frederiks win’s Sunday’S 1.30m class in Bonheiden with UJADE STE HERMELLE!

    #Reference VOX DEI takes a win in Lexington!

    Daneli Moran / Sweet Oak Farms and her horse VOX DEI take the win in Sunday’s $5,000 Horseflight Jr/Am 1m40 Final at Split Rock Jumping Tour in Lexington! Congratulations!

    New Trucks!

    Wow! Roelofsen Horsetrucks delivered us these wonderful brand new Parados Sport Trucks! Thanks to Roelofsen Horsetrucks for the great service!


    We are delighted to announce that Samantha Mcintosh’s international successful stallion Check In 2 moved to our facility to start his breeding career. Another star in our exclusive collection! His offspring is already showing top results at international level!   Check In is available in FRESH for Belgium! For Europe...

    #Luigi D’Eclipse

    Luigi D’Eclipse favorite TV Channel –> Spotlight Tal Milstein Stallions! Check out also our Tal Milstein Stables and Tal Milstein Stallions Facebook and Instagram Pages and learn more about our stallions!

    Our stallions in the spotlight!

    Did you already check out  the highlights of our stallions? Visit our Tal Milstein Stallions pages  to discover sport highlights, breeder talks and more!

    #Reference Kasper van het Leliehof

    Focusing on the goals ahead. Hannah Selleck and her Kasper van het Leliehof show off their style on their way to a podium finish in the CSI2* Bruins Tour Qualifier Photo: Kathy Grussell

    #Diamond Z

    A little throw back to our stallion DIAMOND Z and Tal Milstein during MET Oliva 2020. For more information about our stallion DIAMOND Z, visit also our website or contact us:   Photo: 1clicphoto (Diamond Z and Tal Milstein)

    Reference CEITASI – Winner!

    #Reference CEITASI and Natalie Dean are the winners of the 3* $37,000 CaptiveOne Advisors 1m50 Classic! In the same class, Natalie Dean and her horse Don’s Diamant also jumped clear to finish 3rd place! Congratulations!    


    Kasper van het Leliehof and Hannah Selleck placed 3rd in last Thursday’s CSI2* 1m40 Qualifier at the Palm Beach Masters Event! Photo: Jump Media

    QUEL HOMME DE HUS 3rd place GCT!

    Congratulations to Jerome Guery and Quel Homme de His taking an amazing 3rd place in today’s  1m60 Grand Prix  at Global Champions Tour / Global Champions League 2020 in Doha!


    Natalie Dean and Jewel de Kwakenbeek jumped a fantastic, quick clear round in the §36.6000 Qualifier Class  at Live Oak International to finish in 6th place!    

    Reference Kasper Van Het Leliehof

    Hannah Selleck and her KASPER VAN HET LELIEHOF placed 6th out of 81 starters in the 2* class at Winter Equestrian Festival – Wellington! Well done!


    Thanks to our sponsor Vestrum Official for the gorgeous riding apparel!

    Emir 7th in 1m50 GP MET Oliva!

    Yesterday once again EMIR DE VY showed his scope in the CSI3* 1m50 Grand Prix in Oliva. With his rider Chloe Vranken they took the 7th place. What a nice way to end Oliva 2020!    

    Victory in Mexico!

    Victory for our Reference JUST NICE VAN HET INDIHOF and Juan Jozen with a very fast round at the 1m50 CSI3* in Mexico! Well done!    

    Reference Don’s Diamant!

    Natalie Dean and Don’s Diamant take one win after another. With her horse Don’s Diamant she won last weeks U25 Welcome Class. Also with other References as Maestro (The Ten Auction) she is taking the lead in the classes. These two one  the High A/O Classic! Congratualtions!


    Our “The Ten” References are doing phenomenal! Just last week INTRO L was the winner of the 7yo class at WEF! Double clear round for BETTINA DES CELTES in the 1m35 jump off class! LUKE SKYWALKER took the 3rd place in the medium A/O jump off class at WEF!  ...

    WEEK 8 at WEF a full success for our References!

    Week after week our References prove themselves with great results! ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Dannie Murphy rode a super clear round in the @hermes U25 class! CHARME FROM THE SECOND LIFE Z won a couple days ago the 1m30 Jumpoff class and placed 3rd in yesterdays 1m30 Power & Speed...

    Top placings for our References!

    Week after week our References take top rankings at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida!   FELLINI S in top form in the 5* 1m45 Speed class at WEF, jumping beautiful clear! JEWEL DE KWAKENBEEK finished 9th in the 2* 1m45 Qualifier! FARAN took the win with a very fast...

    Reference ICARUS 10th in the World Cup!

    What a great finish to the Gothenburg Horse Show in Sweden. A successful weekend Marlon Zanotelli and ICARUS with a win in and an amazing 10th place in yesterdays 1m60 World Cup! Congratulations! Photo: Jcmarkun

    10th place for DIESEL GP DU Bois Madame

    Our stallion DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME is competing at the CSI5* Gothenburg Horse Show in Sweden. In yesterday evenings 1m50 class DIESEL and Marlon Zanotelli rode some top rounds and finished with a 10th place! We are excited for the coming days here in Sweden! Photo: jcmarkun

    Reference ICARUS wins in Gothenburg!

    These two are unstoppable! In yesterday’s 1m45 class at CSI5* Gothenburg Horse Show, Marlon Zanotelli and ICARUS jumped an amazing round to the victory! Congratulations!

    3rd place for Urfee des Luthiers!

    #Reference Congratulations to Fabienne Daigneux and URFEE DES LUTHIERS finishing 3rd in the 1m45 LR class at Mediterranean Equestrian Tour! Our references are again on the top!

    Reference: Fayenka Sitte top ten ranking!

    Another reference of ours, FAYENKA SITTE is doing great as well! She finished with a top ten ranking in the 1m35 class at WEF. Photo: elegantequusphotography

    Reference: 8th place for JUDGE at CSI5* Palm Beach Masters!

    What a great round! JUDGE HOF TER ZEEYCKE and Erynn Ballard took the 8th place in the CSI5* 1m55 class at Palm Beach Masters/ Florida. Well done!

    Nice start to MET Oliva!

    Our horses are in top form under the sun of Spain! In the CSI1* 1m25, Calisinni could shine with a nice clear round. In the CSI2* classes our horses Diamond Z, Keros van het Lindenhof and our newest edition Happysina did some beautiful rounds as well! Watch all results on...

    Reference 3rd place for Just Nice van het Indihof

    Also at CSI4* Leon, Mexico one of our References could climp the podium! Juan Jose Zendejas Salgado and JUST NICE VAN HET INIDIHOF take the 3rd place! Congratulations!

    Our horses are on the way to OLIVA!

    Everything is ready and our horses are on the way to OLIVA! Tal Milstein will compete the coming weeks @MET-II Oliva / Spain. Watch the full video on our YouTube Chanel, Facebook and Instagram Page! Stay tuned for all news!

    Diesel @Jumping Bordeaux!

    A beautiful round for Marlon Zanotelli and Diesel GP Du Bois Madame in the 1m40 Horse & Sport class @Jumping Bordeaux!

    Our References again on the TOP!

    A win for KASPER VAN HET LELIEHOF and Hannah Selleck in the 1m35 class at WEF – Winter Equestrian Festival! Congratulations! In the meanwhile at International Jumping Bordeaux… Marlon Zanotelli and ICARUS placed 2nd! Well done!

    Reference: 8th place for Brianne Goutal and Viva Colombia!

    #Reference Brianne Goutal-Marteau and Viva Colombia jumping in top form to finish 8th in last weekend’s FEI §137,000 Adequan CSI3* GP under the lights! Photo: @Washington International Horse Show

    5th place for Luigi D’Eclipse at MET Oliva

    A super nice 5th place for Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli in the 1m45 Grand Prix at MET Oliva last Sunday! Congratualtions!

    Jewel de Kwakenbeek 2nd at WEF!

    #References Jewel de Kwakenbeek and Natalie Dean finished the 4* WEF Challenge Cup with a 2nd place! Congratulations!

    Kasper van het Leliehof in top form at Palm Beach Masters!

    #References Kasper van het Leliehof and Hannah Selleck jumped top rounds at the Palm Beach Masters – Florida! Well done!

    Top start for Luigi d’Eclipse in Oliva!

    Luigi d’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli started the last week with two amazing clear rounds at MET Oliva!

    #Reference – Victory for Santiago Lambre

    #References Vicotry for Santiago Labre and Cetano van Aspergem Z in Saturday’s $73,000 Net Jets Grand Prix st WEF – Winter Equestrian Festival, Wellington. Congratulations! Photo: Sportfot

    HAMILTON shines at PAVO Stallion Competition!

    Our promising stallion HAMILTON proved his talent in yesterdays’ 6yo PAVO Stallion Competition as Azelhof, Lier under the saddle of Tal Milstein! For more information about our stallions don’t hesitate to contact us!