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    1st and 2nd place for reference C’est la Vie

    Congratulations to Matteo Orlandi and reference C’est la Vie winning last weekends 1.35m class and placed 2nd the day before at Sentower Park!

    Reference VOX DEI takes the 2nd place!

    After a fantastic double clear  in the High Junior/ Amateur Classic in Tryon, VOX DEI and Daniel Miron take home the second place!

    Happysina placed all week!

    Happysina double clear and 3rd in the $30,000 Grand Prix! She was also double clear and 6th in the Welcome Stake! What a fantastic week for Happysina and rider Taylor St. Jacques!

    He does it again!

    Luigi D’Eclipse with another podium ranking at CSI5* Samorin. This time its a fantastic third place finish in the 1.50m competition.

    Podium for Luigi D’Eclipse at CSI5* of Samorin

    Its a 2nd place finish in yesterdays 1.50m/1.55m CSI5* competition for Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli at the Global Champions Tour of Samorin!

    Bahira-S taking the win at Tryon III

    Its a win and another fantastic 4th place for reference Bahira-S and Mckayla Langmeier at Tryon III

    Reference The Diamant Rose Z claims the win at Split Rock

    Its a win in the CSI2* 1.45m Welcome class for Diamant Rose Z and Santiago Lambre at Split Rock Jumping Tour!  

    Happysina with top placings at Split Rock!

    Starting Split Rock Jumping with an amazing 2nd place in the Horseflight 1.,35m class, followed by another podium finish in the Horseflight 1.40m class and a fantastic 6th place in the National Grand Prix!

    It’s a win for Coconut!

    Mackenzie Wray and Coconut take the win in the 1.35m Open Welcome at Caledon Equestrian Park!

    Winner Darknight de Maluga!

    Darknight and Hunter Holloway take the win in the Royal American $25,000 1.40m National Prix.

    Winner of the CSI5* American Gold Cup – Viva Colombia and Brianne Goutal

    Major Show Jumping – Traverse City III

    2nd place for Hathina Z and Taylor Harris!

    High JR/AO Jump Off Class – MLSJ Traverse City III

    Victory for Anis de la Piece and Sheer Levitin

    Great weekend for Sheer Levitin and reference Anis de la Piece taking the win in the Medium JR/AO Classic and a 2nd place in the Medium Jumper class at Traverse City Horse Show!

    4th place for Vox Dei and Daneli Miron

    10k JR/AO Jumper Classic Traverse City Horse Show, Michigan.

    Reference Kasper today with a fantastic 3rd place in the 1.40m

    Day after day these to continue their podium finish! Well done!

    Reference Kasper again with top placings!

    Reference Kasper van het Leliehof and Hannah Selleck take the win in the 1.35m Bronze classic tour after they finished the 1.40m class with a fantastic 2nd place.  

    Balou du Ry takes the second place!

    Its a super 2nd place for Balou du Ry and Hannah Selleck at Blenheimequisports!

    Winner – Reference Kasper van het Leliehof

    It’s a win in the 1.35m class for Hannah Selleck and Kasper van het Leliehof at Blenheimequisport Summer Classic. Well done!

    Reference Viva Colombia and Brianne Goutal on the Podium!

    Its a great 3rd place for reference Viva Colombia and Brianne Goutal in the CSI5* $217.000 FEI 1.50m-1.60m class and a 5th place finish in the $75.000 1.45m-1.50m Team Competition at Major League ShowJumping at Angelstone.

    References doing fantastic!

    Reference Magic Lady with another top ten finish in the Medium Classic! Maestro van het Binnenveld 4th in ter $10,000 High Amateur Classic at Angelstone Tournament. Tahis du Masure with a super clear in the CSI2* 1.45m ranking class at Sentower Park!   Well done! #talmilsteinstables #references #sporthorses #showjumping

    TMS Stallions doing fantastic!

    Tal Milstein and Hamilton ex Bart in top form in the 7yo final on Sunday at Sentower Park! Diamond Z and Jill van Wesel with a nice clear in the 1.40m class! Emir de Vy and Chloe Vranken also with a super round in Sundays 1.45m ranking!   #talmilsteinstallions #jointhedynasty...

    Olympic Bronze Team Medal for Belgium!

    Huge congratulations! We are proud of reference Quel Homme de His performing amazing during these exciting days at the Olympics in Tokyo!

    Alano Z and Sam Walker!

    Alano jumped a great clear in the 2* Welcome last week at Traverse City Horse Show. A nice result for their first FEI show together!

    Happysina with top rounds!

    6th place in the 1.30m and another amazing round in the 1.35m. Way to go!

    Victory for reference Gamko-S and Victoria Birdsall

    These two were unbeatable in the $30,000 TCHS National GP at GLEF IV and took home the victory! Congratulations

    Victory for Hunter Holloway and Darknight

    Its the second show for this new match and already a win! In yesterdays 1.35m class Hunter Holloway and Darknight did fantastic to end up in first at Split Rock Jumping Tour.  Well done!

    Hunter Holloway and Darknight placed all weekend!

    Starting with a great performance and 6th place finish in the 1.35m class, these two continued the weekend with more placings and ended up with another 6th place in the 1.40m and a fantastic 9th place in the $50,000 1.45m GP! Well done!

    Charme from second Life Z performing super!

    Its a 5th place and two times the 2nd place for Charme from second Life and Amanda Derbyshire in the 1.45m and 1.40m class of the CSI2* Monte Carlo, Monaco.

    2nd place for Luigi in Big Tour in Valkenswaard

    On Saturday Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli took home the 2nd place in the 1.45m class in Valkenswaard.

    Jill van Wesel & Nic Nac in super form!

    Last weekend Nic Nac showed his jumping skills with a very nice clear round in the 1.30m class on the first day, a 5th place in Saturday’s 1.30m class and a 3rd place in the 1.20m to finish the weekend at Azelhof Lier.

    Nespresso and Natalie Dean 3rd!

    Two times 3rd in last weekends 1.40m High Junior Amateur classes in Tryon. Top!

    Ceitasi wins in Tryon!

    It’s the victory for reference CEITASI and Erynn Ballard in Sunday’s Classic at Tryon International Equestrian Center. Photo @Madison Ibach, TIEC

    2nd place for Reference Kardenta van’t Meerhof

    Podium finish for Sergio Alvarez Moya and Kardenta van’t Meerhof in the 1.45m class at the Longines Global Champions Tour of St. Tropez.

    Another top weekend for our References!

    Sheer Levitin and reference Love Scendix finishing 1st and 2nd in the 1.30m A/O Jumper class and another 2nd place with Anis de la Piece in the 1.30m A/O Class. Well done!  

    Reference Icarus – 1st place 1.45m Kentucky Horse Show

    Icarus and his rider Cormac Hanley take the victory in last weekends 1.45m class at Kentucky Spring Horse Show. Congratulations.  

    10th place for Koddac & Chandler Meadows

    @Kentucky Spring Horse Show

    Behind the scenes with Dy’on!

    Watch the behind the scene video of Tal Milstein Stables in cooperation with Dy’on. #talmilsteinstables #dyon #photoshoot

    3rd place for Love Scendix

    Another fantastic round for Sheer Levitin and reference LOVE SCENDIX in the Medium A/O Jumper class at Spring 4 in Wellington.

    Winner DIVA Z!

    Reference DIVA Z and Sophia Ahearn take the victory in the Medium A/O Jumper class at Spring 4 in Wellington. Two days before this great team placed already 5th in the 1.30m A/O class. Well done!

    Winner Jill van Wesel and Reference Nic Nac!

    Our client Jill van Wesel and reference Nic Nac van het Bremenhof take home the victory in last Sunday’s 1.25m final. Congratulation!

    Reference Diamant Rose Z

    Diamant Rose Z and Santiago Lambre with a nice round in the 1.40m class during ESP Spring II in Wellington. Photo: Sportfot

    Just Nice vh Indihof doing great!

    Reference Just Nice vh Indihof and Juan Jose Zendejas with a super round in last weekends CSI4* 1.55m class at Monterrey, La Silla to finish in 9th place. Photo: anwarewsquivel

    1st & 2nd place!

    In yesterdays High A/O 1.40m class, two of our references shine on the top! Nespresso van’t Laekhof and Natalie Dean take home the victory. Vox Dei and Daniel Miron right behind with the second place. Congratulations!

    Koddac van het Indihof and his new rider Chandler Meadows

    Koddac and his rider Chandler Meadows doing fantastic and collected already some ribbons. We are excited to see more of this great team!

    Reference Love Scendix 3rd!

    Love Scendix and Sheer Levitin with a 3rd place finish in todays Mediums!

    Thanks to DM.Equine!

    New obstacle! Thanks to our partner DM.Equine.

    Our references shine at WEF!

    Our references show again their ability in the ring! Nespresso and Natalie Dean with a top 10 finish in the 2Phase special. Leal and Carlie Fairty with a 3rd place finish in the 2* FEI 1.45m class. Diamond Rose Z and Erynn Ballard with a fantastic clear.

    Reference Nespresso 4th!

    Nespresso van’t Laekhof and Natalie Dean with a 4th place finish in the Medium A/O class. Also with another fantastic clear round, Magic Lady and Olivia Welsh!