Lady van de Haarterhoeve jumping clear in the small GP in Oliva

Lady van de Haarterhoeve jumping clear in the small GP in Oliva



Reference VOX DEI takes the 2nd place!

After a fantastic double clear  in the High Junior/ Amateur Classic in Tryon, VOX DEI and Daniel Miron take home the second place!

Happysina placed all week!

Happysina double clear and 3rd in the $30,000 Grand Prix! She was also double clear and 6th in the Welcome Stake! What a fantastic week for Happysina and rider Taylor St. Jacques!

He does it again!

Luigi D’Eclipse with another podium ranking at CSI5* Samorin. This time its a fantastic third place finish in the 1.50m competition.

Podium for Luigi D’Eclipse at CSI5* of Samorin

Its a 2nd place finish in yesterdays 1.50m/1.55m CSI5* competition for Luigi D’Eclipse and Marlon Zanotelli at the Global Champions Tour of Samorin!

Bahira-S taking the win at Tryon III

Its a win and another fantastic 4th place for reference Bahira-S and Mckayla Langmeier at Tryon III

Reference The Diamant Rose Z claims the win at Split Rock

Its a win in the CSI2* 1.45m Welcome class for Diamant Rose Z and Santiago Lambre at Split Rock Jumping Tour!  

Happysina with top placings at Split Rock!

Starting Split Rock Jumping with an amazing 2nd place in the Horseflight 1.,35m class, followed by another podium finish in the Horseflight 1.40m class and a fantastic 6th place in the National Grand Prix!