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    Good perf for ELTON JONES @ Lier 2*

    Winner in GP qualifier and clear in GP 2* with Chloe Vranken, ELTON JONES did a nice weekend at Azelhof!

    2nd place for EL DORADO with Marlon Zanotelli

    Podium and a second place for EL DORADO (Indorado x Heartbreaker) under the saddle of Marlon Zanotelli in 140 class

    Top weekend for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z

    A great weekend for LUIGI (Catoki x Calato) with Niels Bruynseels at CSIYH1* Lier! The young stallions did a clear weekend in the 6 years old classes!

    JUPITER VG Ranked in 1m50 @ CHI Geneva

    What a great round for JUPITER VG (Pommeau du Heup x Heartbreaker) @CHI de Genève in a 1m50 Two Phases with Jérôme Guéry! The couple signs a 12th place

    DIESEL clear @ CHI Geneva

    An 11th place for DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME (Cassius x Heartbreaker) and Piergiorgio Bucci – Rider @ CHI de Genève in 145! Watch this nice round!

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    Nice ride in 140 2* Lier for CUMBELA

    This weekend @ CSI2* Lier, CUMBELA (Cancoon x Landprinz) was clear in 130 class on the first day show and in a 140 class yesterday with Maureen Bonder (video)! Watch this round!

    FAYENKA SITTE clear in 125 Opglabbeek

    FAYENKA SITTE (6 years old by Tinka’s Boy x Lord Z) did a nice round with Miranda Harrington @ Sentower Park in 125 class !

    Gregory Whateley and IRONMAN made a good start!

    For their first show together at Peelbergen show 2*, the new couple made two clear in 140 classes!

    Podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY

    Podium for ISABEAU DE LAUBRY and Maureen Bonder at CSIW3* Lezno! They take the 2nd place of the 145 Ranking Class!

    Good perf again for BELORA DE WALYRO

    Top clear round for BELORA DE WALYRO with Chloé Vranken @ 3* Jumping de Liège – Page officielle! The 8 years old mare by Eurocommerce Berlin did a very good perf in the 145 class yesterday!

    IRONMAN clear in 140 3* Liege

    Nice ride for Chloé Vranken with IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT! Clear in the 140 class @ Jumping de Liège – Page officielle 3*!

    Top weekend for CENZO with Gerco Schroder

    Super weekend for CENZO (Harley VDL x Cavalier) @ 3* Saint Lo under the saddle of Gerco Schröder! Clear in 140 class and 8th in 145 class!

    ALICANTE in top form @ 2* Sentower 145

    Nice ride for ALICANTE and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli @ Sentower Park 2* 145 Ranking class!

    CETANO VAN ASPERGEM 6th @ 3* Montpellier

    Amazing round with a 6th place for CETANO VAN ASPERGEM (8 years old by Clinton x Ahorn z) and Romain Duguet @ Jumping International Montpellier Occitanie 150 class!

    Good first training for BELORA DE WALYRO

    Another clear during the training day @ Sentower Park with the 8 years old mare BELORA DE WALYRO (Eurocommerce Berlin x Aledo) under the saddle of Chloé Vranken in 125 class!

    Good training day for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT

    Training day @ Sentower Park for our rider Chloé Vranken! IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT did a super round in the 135 class

    Podium for JUPITER VG @ 160 GP Rabat!

    Amazing performance again for JUPITER VG! The promising 8 years old Stallion, winner of the SIRES OF THE WORLD last month (Pommeau du Heup x HeartBreaker) signs a beautiful 3rd place in the 3* GP 160 Morocco Royal Tour Rabat under the saddle of Jérôme Guéry!

    ELTON JONES clear in GP 145 Opglabbeek

    Top show weekend also for ELTON JONES and chloe Vranken! Clear in 145 Ranking class and GP 145!

    7th place for IRISH KISS

    Beautiful 7th place for IRISH KISS 111 and Alberto Michan @ Tryon International Equestrian Center. The 9 years old mare by Chatman x ChinChin made a nice double clear in 135 class!

    IRONMAN did a super show weekend!

    Weekend with all clear rounds for IRONMAN VAN KLAPSCHEUT with Chloe Vranken @ CSI2* opglabbeek! Video Day 1  and Video day 2  

    CUMBELA takes a 7th place in Asten GP!

    Good job with a nice clear round for CUMBELA and Maureen Bonder at Asten Show!

    CENZO clear in 2* Salland in Longines Ranking class

    CENZO did also a good job @ CSI Salland in the 2* Big Tour 145 LR with Gerco Schröder! A 12th place for the couple.

    7th place for JUPITER @ Tétouan

    After his great win @ Lanaken Sires of the World 2 weeks ago, JUPITER VG (Pommeau du Heup x HeartBreaker) is in top form @ Morocco Royal Tour 3* TETOUAN! A nice 7th place with Jérôme Guéry!

    COLORE in top form

    The 10 years old gelding COLORE did a super show weekend @ CSI1* salland, with a 9th place in the 130 Big Tour and a 2nd place in the 1* GP, under the saddle of Maureen Bonder.

    Top show weekend for FALDO

    The 7 years old stallion by ALICANTE takes two 2nd places at CSIYH1* Lier this weekend!

    HADESH clear in 5 YO Lanaken

    Good perf with a clear round for HADESH in World Championships Lanaken

    GIGOLO VAN DE BROEKKANT @ Central Park Horse Show

    GIGOLO VAN DE BROEKKANT and Alberto Michan jumped clear in the 145 class @ Central Park Horse Show 3*. They finished 6th! Good job!


    Associated to Jérôme Guéry, the 8 years old stallion by Pommeau du Heup takes the victory of the SIRES OF THE WORLD! Last year with our stallion ALICANTE, this is the second consecutive win for the Belgian rider! Congratulations!

    ALICANTE wins @ Samorin

    Great win for the new Duo “Alicante-Marlon” at CSIO Samorin this weekend in the 145 class! Only 3 weeks together and already clear in several classes

    CHIEFTAIN OF THE LOWLANDS clear @ Sentower

    Ridden by Damien Plume, CHIEFTAIN realizes a nice clear round in 140 class

    Beautiful 4th place for CENZO

    CENZO in top form @ Roosendaal 2*, he takes the 4th place of a 145 class under the saddle of Gerco Schroder

    DIRKJE-E clear @ Sentower

    Nice round and clear for DIRKJE-E with Damien Plume @ Sentower Park in 135 class

    JUPITER VG again!

    Top weekend show for JUPITER VG under the saddle of Jerome Guery! The 8 years old son of Pommeau du Heup x HeratBreaker takes two 2nd places @ Stephen Masters in Youngster Masters 140!

    VICE VERSA D’OSSAU 6th in 140 @ Samorin

    Good job for VICE VERSA D’OSSAU and Marlon Zanotelli @ CSI3* Samorin with a 6th place in 140 class

    EMIR DE VY clear in 140 class @ Zandhoven

    Good round for EMIR DE VY and Chloe Vranken @ 3* Zandhoven!

    11th place for HANDY VAN HD @ Balmoral 4*

    HANDY VAN HD realized a wonderful round and a ranking during 4* Hits Show with Alberto Michan in 145 class!

    First show together for ALICANTE and Marlon

    A very good start for their first ride together, Alicante is clear in 2 135 classes 2* Zandhoven with Marlon Zanotelli!

    Good start for HADESH

    Arrived in June at our stables, the 5 years old horses did a very good show at ASTEN

    DIESEL GP in top form @ GCT Valkenswaard

    Top show weekend at GCT Valkenswaard for the stallion DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME with Piergiorgio Bucci! Clear in 145 and 150 classes!

    Nice start for JUPITER VG with Jerome Guery

    The 8 years old son of HeartBreaker did a really good start under the saddle of Jerome Guery! For their first show together at GCT Valkenswaard, they made a beautiful round in 135 class

    Very good results at Belgian Championships for FALDO

    Son of the famous ALICANTE, FALDO takes the 6th place of the championships!

    EL DORADO 10th place GP2* Samorin

    Good job for EL DORADO and Dominque Hendrickx in the 145 GP 2*! The take the 10th place!

    GAMKO S clear @CSI4* Ommen

    Nice round and clear for GAMKO S with Mark Bluman at CSI4* Ommen!

    FELLINI S takes the win at Michigan finale!

    FELLINI S winner of the 7 years old finale with Alberto Michan at Michigan Championships!


    Very successful show weekend for our riders! Chloé Vranken clear again this time with URFEE DES LUTHIERS (Heartbreaker x Le Tot de Semilly) @ Flanders Horse Event 3* in a 145 class!

    ÉMIR DE VY clear in 140 class @CSI3* Beervelde!

    Very nice round for EMIR DE VY (approved stallion) at CSI3* beervelde 1m40 with Chloe Vranken

    11th place for ELTON JONES

    11th place for ELTON JONES (Clinton x Elegant de l’ile) in a 150 class @ CSI3* Beervelde with Chloé Vranken!

    First 5* for QUEL HOMME DE HUS!

    Congratulations to Gaëtan Decroix for his 3rd place in the 5* GP 160 @ Jumping International de Dinard CSI5* with QUEL HOMME DE HUS (Sold by Tal Milstein Stables)! Very nice start for their first participation in a 5* Showjumping together!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE in top form!

    LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z (Catoki x Calato) in very good shape @ CSIYH1* LIER with Mark Bluman! All info about the stallion:

    CSF Mr KROON again!

    Nice 6th place again for CSF Mr KROON at CSI2* Zuidwolde!

    fantastic 2nd place for APARDI!

    APARDI (Corland x Kannan) takes a beautiful 2nd place in a 1m50 class @ CHIO Aachen with Daniel Bluman! All covering conditions:

    Nice round for CUMBELLA!

    A nice clear round fo CUMBELLA under the saddle of Chloé Vranken this weekend @ CSI 2* Opglabeek

    ALICANTE in the 5* Grand Prix @ Knokke

    A 14th place for ALICANTE with Jerome Guery in the 1m60 GP 5* @ Knokke Hippique.

    DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME ranks 5th @Knokke Hippique

    A Great 5th place for our 8 years old stallion DIESEL GP DU BOIS MADAME (Cassius x Heartbreaker) under the saddle of the Italian rider Piergiorgio Bucci in a 145 class CSI3* @ Knokke Hippique! All information via Stallions Website.

    Good weekend for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE @ CSIYH1* Mons

    Clear Round again for LUIGI D’ECLIPSE Z (Catoki x Calato) @ CSIYH1* MONS with Mark Bluman! All info about the stallion:

    4th place for ALICANTE @Knokke Hippique

    ALICANTE takes the 4th place of a 145 5* class yesterday in first day show @ Knokke Hippique with Jérôme Guéry!

    Good performance for CSF Mr KROON

    After a clear round in the BIG TOUR 145, great performance again for CSF Mr KROON with a 5th place in the Medium Tour 135 @ CSI2* Wr. Neustadt! (Video: Big Tour 145)

    Clear round for our stallion BOCELLO

    Nice clear round for our approved stallion BOCELLO in CSI3* Bonheiden 140 class, with Mak Bluman! All information about our stallions in TAL MILSTEIN STALLIONS Website.

    Nice ranking for ALICANTE @ GCT Monaco

    After a good weekend in TREFFEN, ALICANTE takes a good 11th place with a 1 time point in the 150 class with Jerome Guery.

    3rd place for ELTON JONES in GP 155

    ELTON JONES and Chloe Vranken take a fantastic 3rd place yesterday in GP3* 155 @ Bonheiden! VIDEO

    Succesful Winter Equestrian Nights

    During the Winter Equestrian Nights in Lier, Diesel GP du Bois Madame jumped his first Grand Prix 1m50 LR. With a clear round, but unfortunately one time penalty, they finished 10th. Chloé and Elton were clear in the Grand Prix, finishing 4th after a fast clear jump-off!

    Chloé Vranken & Dirkje win in De Warre

    Chloé Vranken and Dirkje have won the 1m40 class in de Warre.